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Target Pests

Barnyardgrass Broadleaf signalgrass, large and smooth Crabgrass, Fall Panicum, Field Sandbur, giant, green & yellow Foxtails, Goosegrass, Guineagrass, Itchgrass, Johnsongrass, Junglerice, Praire cupgrass, Red rice, Southern sandbur Southwestern cupgrass, Texas panicum, Volunteer barley, oats, rye, milo, corn, & wheat, Wild oats. Wild proso millet, Witchgrass, Woolly cupgrass, Bermudagrass, Quackgrass, Torpedograss, and Wirestem muhly.,

For Use In

Fusilade II Turf & Ornamental Herbicide is for use on ornamentals, certain turf grasses, and non-crop areas such as airports, cemeteries, electric transformers, sub-stations, pipeline pumping stations, around buildings, storage yards, fence lines, parkways, roadsides, rights-of-way, and many other listed areas.,


Thorough coverage of all weed plant foliage is important for good activity. Optimum weed control is achieved when young actively growing weeds are treated that are not under stress from moisture, temperature, low soil fertility, mechanical, or chemical injury.

TIMING – Best control of susceptible grasses is obtained when Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide is applied to actively growing grasses before they exceed the recommended growth stages shown on this label. Refer to the grass weed table for specific recommendations on weed growth stages.

For best control, use sufficient spray volume and pressure to ensure complete coverage of the target grasses.

Apply in 1-2 gallons final spray per 1,000 sq. ft. with spray pressures of 40-60 psi at the nozzle tip. When grass foliage is dense, use 60 psi and a minimum of 2 gallons per 1,000 sq. ft. to ensure coverage of weed foliage. Do not exceed the maximum application rates for Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide. Always add a high quality nonionic surfactant containing at least 75% surface-active agent, at 0.25- 0.5% v/v (1/2-1 pint per 25 gallons) of the finished spray volume for ground sprays.

Some species or varieties of ornamentals require that Fusilade II be applied as a directed spray, in order to minimize phytotoxicity.

Coverage Area

Each quart of Fusilade will treat up to 53,000 square feet.

Time to Kill

You should see yellowing within 10 days of application

Mix Rate

.75 ozs. per gal. of water covers approximately 1000 sq. ft. Note Fusalide II should be used with a nonionic surfactant

available in a Quart

Active Ingredient

Fluazifop 24.5%

Fusilade II Herbicide

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Fusilade II Herbicide

Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental Herbicide and weed killer which contains 24.5% the active ingredient Fluazifop which provides outstanding post-emergence control of unwanted grasses in groundcovers, shrubs and trees.
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