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Target Pests

Blister mites broad mites, flat mites, rust mites, spider mites (including twospotted, southern red, boxwood, spruce and euonymous mites), whiteflies (including sweetpotato, silverleaf, giant and greenhouse),

For Use In

Commercial & Residential Ornamental Plants: Golf Courses, Office Buildings, Parks, Recreational Areas ,


1.4 - 4 oz. per 100 gallons of water

* See label for complete application instructions

Active Ingredient

Spiromesifen 45.2%

Forbid 4F Ornamental Insecticide Miticide

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Forbid 4F Ornamental Insecticide Miticide


Forbid 4 F

The active ingredient in Forbid, spiromesifen, represents a new class of chemistry, called the tetramic acids. Due to its novel mode of action, foliar-applied Forbid offers growers an effective tool for management of mites resistant to conventional products.

Forbid features translaminar activity, controlling mites on both sides of leaves, and has activity from egg through adult life stages.

Forbid 4 F offers outstanding knockdown and residual control of mites and all stages of whiteflies for four to eight weeks. Thanks to its novel mode of action, foliar-applied Forbid 4 F offers growers an effective tool for management of mites resistant to conventional products.

Kills pests at stages other products can't control

  • Controls all stages eggs, nymphs, immobile nymphs and adults
  • Long residual up to 45 days
  • Controls pests resistant to other products
  • Flexible application window
  • Excellent translaminar activity for easier coverage
  • Minimal effects on beneficial insects when used according to label directions

Manufacturer: Bayer Environmental Science

Individual Size: 8 Oz.

EPA Signal Word: CAUTION

Application Methods: Foliar Spray

Along with Forbid 4F Miticide to kill mites also check Avid 0.15 EC Miticide and many other vegetation insecticides including mite control and spider control products available at ePestSolutions. All pest control products are available with free shipping!

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