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Target Pests

Fluridone has the Ability to Control and Eliminate Tough Nuisance Weeds - from Duckweed and Watermeal Infested Waters to Erratic Subsurface Milfoil Invasions. With a Solid Reputation Based on Performance, fluridone Herbicide Assures Results and Puts and End to the Guesswork by Attacking Aquatic Weeds Efficiently and Aggressively. Weekly Treatments Become a "Thing of the Past" with fluridone's Durable Control.,

For Use In

From Backyard ponds, to National Parks and Lakes, fluridone Herbicide with Concentrated Fluridone has the Reputation and Power to Fully Eliminate Your Nuisance Weeds while Providing Extended Control and Herbicidal Protection for up to 2 Seasons! A Highly Trusted Solution for Duckweed, Milfoil, Watermeal and Other Inconvenient Weeds Plaguing Your Water.,


Fluridone's mix rate varies based on application method. Fluridone should be applied at rates of 45-90 parts per billion for maximum effectiveness. See fluridone mix rate chart below for exact measurements.

Do not irrigate with fluridone treated water for 30 days or until PPB is below 10.
Plants should be continuously exposed to Fluridone for 45 days for best results.

Coverage Area

Fluridone aquatic herbicide coverage areas will depend on water depth and concentration levels. See Fluridone application chart for your expected coverage area.

Country of Manufacture

United States

Mix Rate

The mix rate for Fluridone varies greatly depending on how you are treating. Please refer to the fluridone herbicide label for exact mix rates.

How To

Once applied, fluridone is absorbed by shoots and roots where it travels systemically in the internal vascular system of aquatic weeds. fluridone inhibits carotene synthesis causing chlorophyll to break down when the weeds are exposed to sunlight. New shoot growth will exhibit a pink or white coloration within 7-10 days of exposure to fluridone with long lasting capabilities making fluridone with Fluridone the herbicide of choice by many aquatic maintenance professionals. For complete weed control, contact with fluridone must be maintained for an extended period of time depending on the severity of the infestation. Also, if conditions exist that dilute the fluridone concentration in the water, effective control may not be achieved and additional application may be necessary. Consult the fluridone label for a list of specific weeds controlled by fluridone, application rates per treated area, preferred timing of application, ideal mixing instructions, and use restrictions for this product. Note, adding professional grade Aquashade pond dye can help assist in the knockdown of target weeds.

Fluridone Aquatic Herbicide (Sonar) Fluridone 41.7%

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Fluridone Aquatic Herbicide (Sonar) Fluridone 41.7%

An herbicide for management of aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals and irrigation canals. Alligare Fluridone contains fluridone the same active ingredient found in Sonar
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