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Target Pests

Flea & Ticks

For Use In

Dogs, Cats, Puppies and Kittens,


Apply FLEE monthly. Application directly to ticks is not required for control. Do not reapply spray for 30 days.

Mix Rate

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How To

Flee Aerosol Features

  • This flea aerosol has an quiet applicator-can be sprayed from any angle, even upside down
  • One treatment of this flea spray lasts 4 weeks
  • Stops existing infestations and prevents new infestations
  • Dries fast with no lasting smell or oily spot
  • Small can (6.5 oz) contains 10 treatments, large can ( 12.3 oz ) contains 18 treaments (for a 15 # dog or cat )


Martin's Flee Aerosol is going to be a game changer in controlling fleas on your pet. Instead of waiting for the spot on material to spread all over the animal (like the underside) you can spray Martin's Flee Aerosol on the area of the pet that is most infested. Also unlike the spot ons you can use this flea aerosol when your pet is clean.

Restrictions: CA

Flee Aerosol Flea Spray

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Flee Aerosol Flea Spray

0.29% Fipronil "Same active ingredient as Frontline® Spray. Fast-acting, long lasting, waterproof treatment for control of fleas and ticks. Quiet applicator can be sprayed from any angle, even upside down. One treatment last 4 weeks. Dries fast with no lasting smell or oily spot. Small can contains 10 treatments and large can contains 18 treatments (based on a 15# dog or cat).
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