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Target Pests

Nuisance flies

For Use In

Outdoor settings,


The station can be mounted on fences, walls or other surfaces near dumpsters, behind restaurants or in other places where flies are a problem

6.5 in. L x 3.75 in. W x 2.5 in. H

locks with a key, comes with two removable bait trays for easy filling and cleaning, can be easily mounted to most surfaces using zip ties, screws or liquid nails

Coverage Area

Clear plastic with a compounded metal flake reflects light, creates contrast, & increases fly attractiveness

Environmentally friendly

Durable hinge designed for extended reliability

Specifically designed vents allow flies into station, while protecting bait from wind, rain, & other elements

Easily mounts on walls, fences, stakes, poles, etc. with nails, screws, zip ties, velcro or liquid nails

Can be used with granular and liquid fly bait

Comes standard with 2 removable bait trays, which make replacing bait & cleaning easy

Sequential bar code and service labels for use with tracking software

Uses VM Products universal key

EZ Strike Fly Bait Stations FBS

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EZ Strike Fly Bait Stations FBS


The E-Z-Strike Fly Bait Station from VM Products is a tamper-resistant fly bait station featuring state-of-the-art medical grade plastic.

It is designed to allow light into the station with a compounded metal flake colorant to give maximum contrast of colors.

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