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Target Pests

Norway rats Roof rats and House Mice,

For Use In

Fastrac Blox is for use in residential homes, agricultural buildings, garage, attic, sheds, yards, industrial and commercial buildings, food processing facilities, trash/dumpster areas, docks and port terminal buildings and related structures. Burrow Baiting with this product is prohibited.,


Rats: Place 2 to 12 blocks per placement (usually at intervals of 15 to 30 feet). Adjust the amount of bait applied to the level of rat feeding expected at each station.

Mice: Use 1 bait block per placement. Space placements at intervals of 8 to 12 feet in infested areas. Larger placements, up to 4 blocks, may be needed at points of extremely high mouse activity.

Coverage Area

Fastrac Blox can be used in and within 100 feet of manmade structures.

Time to Kill

Fastrac Blox will quickly kill the target pests usually in 12- 48 hours after initial feeding.

Active Ingredient

Bromethalin .01%

Fastrac Blox, Fastrac Rodenticide 4lb Pail

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Fastrac Blox, Fastrac Rodenticide 4lb Pail


Fastrac Blox from Bell laboratories is a quick and effective solution to controlling populations of rats and mice, especially Norway rats, Roof rats and House Mice. Fastrac Blox are small, rough, all-weather baiting blox with many gnawing edges. A hole in the center of each block allows it to be placed on bait securing rods in tamper resistant bait stations.

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