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Target Pests

Rats and Mice

For Use In

Residental, Farm, Commercial, Resturants,


Use on interior or exterior for rodent bait

Coverage Area

Place every 10 to 20 ft on sides of structures

How To

EZ Klean Bait Stations should be placed on a level surface, bait can be loaded onto rods to lock it into place, bait stations rest against flat surface with flat side, openings up against wall.

EZ Klean Rat Bait Stations

Product Q & A

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EZ Klean Rat Bait Stations


EZ KLEAN is your solution for an economical, easy to operate, and easy to clean rodent bait station for safe control of rats and mice in your home and yard. To control mice and rodents, add your choice of solid, pellet, or liquid rodent bait to the EZ KLEAN station and lock the lid in place with a simple twist of a key. For outdoor use, place EZ KLEAN rodent bait stations along the outside wall of your home every 30 to 50 feet. You can also place them behind shrubs, around detached garages and in and around storage sheds. For indoor use, place the bait stations in attics, under sinks, and just about any other place where rodents are likely to hide or nest. Rodents will smell and seek out the bait and enter the trap to obtain it. Baits must be purchased separately. Suggested for use with Contrac Blox rodent bait. Only 1 key is provided per order.

You can purchase additional EZ-Klean Keys separately.

Product Q & A
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Customer Reviews

  • EZ Klean Rat Bait Stations
    By William Glad on 12/30/2014
    I wasn't having good results from the small mouse bait stations we had been using, and decided that mice needed a bigger entrance. After installing several of these, I see my observations were correct. I had to change the bait after 2 days. Great value.


  • EZ Klean Rat Bait Stations
    By Hector MacDonald on 3/1/2011
    These stations work great. Best part about them is they lock down.


  • EZ Klean Rat Bait Stations
    By David Grimes on 9/2/2010
    I ordered 6 of these E-Z Klean bait stations and had rats feeding from the first day. I was told by the helpful customer service representative that the bait in each one should last about a week to a month for a typical infestation but had most emptied out in the first 24 hours. We live next to some pretty dense woods and I guess we had a severe problem. In the two weeks that I have had them I have disposed of roughly 15-20 rats, big and small, and those are just the ones that I have found. I'm sure most of them went off into the woods to die (thankfully). I know this is making a huge difference in the population around our house. The stations are extremely easy to use and are safe for our dogs. Very pleased!


  • EZ Klean Rat Bait Stations
    By craig wannberg on 5/9/2010
    Nice and solid construction. Good tamper proof latch. Very pleased. Great price!Thanks for having Paypal as an alternative.


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