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Target Pests

In crop areas Diuron 4L can be used for the control of barnyardgrass crabgrass, lambsquarters, pigweed, purslane, ragweed, cocklebur, morningglory, sesbania, sicklepod, bluegrass, groundcherry, chickweed, dogfennel, fiddleneck, foxtail, rattail fescue, dayflower, horseweed, johnsongrass, marigold, sandbur, and many other listed weeds., ,

For Use In

Diuron 4L Herbicide is for use in crop areas for selective weed control and in non-crop areas such as rights-of-way, pipline, utility sites, storage areas, highways, and many other non-crop sites.,


For ground application in Texas mix at a rate of 1.6 to 3.2 quarts per acre for annual weed control. Use 3.2 quarts per acre for control of seedling Johnsongrass. Spring treatments provide the user with the best results. Do not apply more than 3.2 quarts per acre application and not to exceed the maximum amount of 6.4 quarts per acre per year. For selective weed control in crops refer to label for specific crops and state usage.

Coverage Area

Each 2.5 gallon container of Diuron 4L Herbicide will treat approximately 2 acres if applied at the maximum rate for an annual application.

Time to Kill

Diuron 4L Herbicide begins to kill target weeds 2 weeks after contact but can take up to several weeks for complete control all depending on treatment area and application.

Mix Rate

1lb per acre

Active Ingredient

Diuron 40.7%

Diuron 4L Herbicide

Product Q & A

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Diuron 4L Herbicide

A non-selective residual herbicide for the control of a wide range of grasses, broadleaf weeds in land not intended to bear vegetation, including industrial sites, railways, and other non-crop situations. Diuron 4L is a liquid flowable to be mixed with water and applied as a spray for selective weed control in certain crops for non-selective weed control in certain noncropland areas. It is a noncorrosive to equipment, noflammable and nonvolatile. Diuron 4L may be applies to soil prior to emergence of weeds to control susceptible weed seedlings for an extended period of time. The degree of control and duration of effect will vary with the chemical applies, soil texture, rainfall and other conditions.
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Customer Reviews

  • Diuron 4L Herbicide
    By John on 5/14/2012
    Ordered one 2.5 gal container. Should have ordered 2. Instead of shipping in the original 2 x 2.5 cardboard box it was repacked with foam peanuts in another box. Arrived damaged. Neck severely bent. No THIS SIDE UP stamp on the box. Not a good way to handle or ship chemicals and glad it did not pop open in transit. Had to use a crowbar to straighten it out which then had to be rinsed off causing chemical exposure and rinsate problems. Strongly suggest you only order 2.5 gallons containers in quantities of 2.



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