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Target Pests

Chara Nitella, Hydrilla & bottom growths of Filamentous Algae

-See label for complete list


For Use In

Drinking water reservoirs, irrigation conveyance systems, aquaculture facilities, fish hatcheries, wastewater, golf courses, swimming areas, livestock tanks, farm ponds, lakes and private backyard ponds and other sites where aquatic vegetation interferes with the functional, recreational or aesthetic value of the water resource ,



For spot treatment, apply directly over infested area at the rate of 1 pound per 720 square feet (72' X 10'). Large areas should be treated at the rate of 60 pounds per surface acre (208' X 208').


A dry fertilizer spreader may be used to ensure even distribution on large areas. When treating small dockside or swimming areas (1/5 of an acre or less), broadcast CUTRINE®-PLUS GRANULAR in the same fashion used in spreading grass seed. Spot treatment of problem areas is easily accomplished as CUTRINE®-PLUS granules are readily visible through the water, permitting pinpointing of treatment on target algae.

Coverage Area

30 lbs. per Half Acre

Time to Kill

Works Within 24 - 48 Hours and Lasts up to 5 Weeks

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

copper ethanolamine complex - 10.7%

How To

Use Cutrine Plus Granular to easily control bottom algae or algae growing within 3 feet of the bottom. Cat litter size granules settle on algae and immediately begin attacking growth. Ideal for use on Chara. Makes early season spot treatment of Filamentous Algae a snap! Early treatment will help prevent the formation of heavy surface mats.


  • The copper complex remains in solution to give longer lasting results. An average of 5.5 weeks control was obtained in actual field tests.
  • Only two or three applications per season are required depending upon the length of the growing season.
  • Is compatible with other aquatic herbicides.
  • There is no restriction on the use of the treated water after CUTRINE®-PLUS GRANULAR application. It can be used immediately.
  •  CUTRINE®-PLUS GRANULAR can be toxic to trout, at the recommended application rates, if the water has less than 50 ppm of carbonate hardness (soft water). Do not use in waters containing Koi and hybrid goldfish. This product is not intended for use in small volume, garden pond systems.
  • CUTRINE®-PLUS GRANULAR has low corrosion potential to application equipment.
  • CUTRINE®-PLUS GRANULAR is formulated to release copper over an extended time period to provide control in flowing water situations.

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Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide Copper Ethanolamine Complex - 10.7%

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Cutrine Plus Granular Algaecide Copper Ethanolamine Complex - 10.7%


Cutrine Plus Granular is a convenient, ready to use, contact algaecide especially formulated for the control of Chara, Nitella, and other bottom growing algae in potable water reservoirs, fire ponds, farm and fish ponds, golf course water hazards, lakes, and fish hatcheries. Water from treated lakes and ponds may be used to irrigate turf, fairways, putting greens, and ornamental plants. Contains the same active ingredient as Cutrine Plus Liquid.

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