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Cruise Control Herbicide is for weed control in corn, sorghum, small grains, pasture, hay, rangelands, general farmstead (non-cropland), fallow, cotton, sugarcane, asparagus, turf, and grass seed crops.,


PREPLANT/PREEMERGENCE IN NO-TILLAGE CORN Applications of CRUISE CONTROL may be made before, during, or after planting to emerged and actively growing broadleaf weeds. Apply CRUISE CONTROL at 1 pint per treated acre on medium or fine textured soils containing 2% or greater organic matter. Use ½ pint per treated acre on coarse textured soils (sand, sandy loam, and loamy sand) or medium and fine textured soils with less than 2% organic matter. When planting into a legume sod (e.g., alfalfa or clover), apply CRUISE CONTROL after 4 to 6 inches of regrowth has occurred.

Active Ingredient

Dicamba 48.2 %

Cruise Control Dicamba Herbicide

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Cruise Control Dicamba Herbicide

For Weed Control in Corn, Sorghum, Small Grains, Pasture, Hay, Rangeland, General Farmstead (Non-Cropland), Fallow, Cotton, Sugarcane, Asparagus, Turf, and Grass Seed Crops
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