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Target Pests

Norway Rats Roof Rats, House Mice, Meadow Voles,

For Use In

Contrac Blox All Weather Bait can be used indoors or outdoors. Common places to use Eaton rat and mouse bait include agricultural buildings, residential homes, garages, attics, yards, commercial food service facilities, food manufacturing plants, food processing establishments, dumpsters, sheds, cabins, deer leases.,


Place Contrac Blox All Weather Bait in locations out of reach of children, pets, and non target animals. In some situations a tamper resistant or tamper-proof bait station such as the Aegis RP Rat Bait Station may be required.

For rats: Apply 2 to 8 blocks (4 to 16oz) of Contrac Blox All Weather Bait per placement. Rait baiting placement varies by location. Generally placements are 15 to 20 feet apart as rats will travel quite some distance in search of food. You must maintain a constant supply of bait for 10 days for best results.

For Mice: Break Contrac Blox All Weather Bait Blocks into 3 pieces and place 1 to 2 small blocks at 10 foot intervals around the infested area. You must maintain a constant supply of bait for at least 15 days for best results.

Replace consumed or spoiled bait immediately to keep a constant supply.

To prevent re-infestation you must limit alternate food sources and seal entry points.

Coverage Area

Contrac Blox All Weather Bait Blocks will treat between 150 and 300 linear feet depending on infestation and rodent type.

It is best to identify the infestation source and concentrate placements near entry ways to the rodent's nest.

Remember to maintain a constant supply of bait for 10 to 15 days depending on rodent.

Time to Kill

Contrac Blox All Weather Bait takes 2 to 4 days to kill rats and mice after they eat it. Bromadiolone is a slow acting poison that will not create bait shyness.

Active Ingredient

Bromadiolone .005%

Contrac Rat Control Blox Bromadiolone

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Contrac Rat Control Blox Bromadiolone


Contrac All-weather Blox Rodenticide is a single feeding Rat Poison. It is the ideal blend of food grade ingredients and low wax to yield a highly palatable, weatherable rat bait that is very attractive to rodents.

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