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Target Pests

Use Cirkil RTU to control bed bugs in all states.

Cirkil RTU is labeled to kill: cellar spiders smoky brown cockroaches, house crickets, firebrats, silverfish, moisture ants, ravida field ants, pavement ants, bean aphids, pea aphids, and green bottle flies in all states, except California.


For Use In

Cirkil RTU may be used in indoor areas including residential homes, multi-dwelling units, apartments, dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, temporary shelters, aircraft, buses, marine vessels, airports, offices, theaters, hotels, motels, restaurants, lounges, arenas, retail stores, conference centers and other indoor spaces,


For Direct Treatment: Apply Cirkil RTU to kill bed bugs or eggs by spraying directly.

For Indirect Residual Treatment: Apply Cirkil RTU to surfaces and fabrics to kill or prevent bed bug infestations. Spray one ounce per 1.5 -6 sq ft of surface area

For optimal results, allow 4 hours for product to dry before re-entry.

For ongoing control of bed bug adults, nymphs and eggs, re-apply every 1 to 2 weeks or as needed.

Time to Kill

  • A ready-to-use formulation containing 5.5% cold-pressed neem oil
  • Quick dry formula, flexible label, for spot treaents
  • Ideal for use on surfaces and areas where quick dry time is required
  • Controls, Manages and Prevents Bed Bug Infestations
  • Kills Bed Bug Adults, Nymphs and Their Eggs
  • Plant Based Botanical Insecticide
  • Continues Killing and Preventing Egg Hatch for Weeks after Treament
  • Efective Against Pyrethroid Resistant Strains
  • All Ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
  • Works Quickly

Active Ingredient

Cold Pressed Neem Oil 5.5%

Cirkil RTU Quart Cold Pressed Neem Oil 5.5%

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Cirkil RTU Quart Cold Pressed Neem Oil 5.5%



Terramera's CIRKIL® biopesticides exhibit noteworthy effectiveness against bed bug adults, nymphs, and their eggs and meet the highest industry and regulatory standards of safety and efficacy.

Within 8 hours of application, 100% of bed bug adults treated directly with CIRKIL® RTU are killed

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