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Target Pests

Bed Bugs Bed Bugs Hoppers, Cicadas, Aphids, Etc. Firebrats House Crickets Pavement ant Smoky Brown Cockroach Thatch ant or Field ant The Common Bed Bug,

For Use In

Aircraft Airports and Train Stations Amusement Parks Boats, Ships, and Barges Child Care Facilities Commercial Structures Correctional Facilities Hospitals and Health Care Facilities Hotels and Motels Industrial Buildings and Warehouses Interiorscapes and Interior Plantings Laboratories Mausoleums and Mortuaries Museums Offices Roadway Vehicles Schools – non-food areas Sports Facilities Stores and Shopping Malls Theaters and Entertainment Facilities Trains and Railcars,


  • - Controls, Manages and Prevents Bed Bug Infestations
  • - Kills Bed Bug Adults, Nymphs and Their Eggs
  • - Plant Based Botanical Insecticide
  • - Continues Killing and Preventing Egg Hatch for Weeks after Treament
  • - Efective Against Pyrethroid Resistant Strains
  • - All Ingredients are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS)
  • - Works Quickly

Time to Kill


Mix Rate

32oz Cirkil CX per 1 gallon of water per 200-800sq.ft.

Active Ingredient

Cold Pressed Neem Oil 22%

Cirkil CX Quart Cold Pressed Neem Oil 22%

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Cirkil CX Quart Cold Pressed Neem Oil 22%


Cirkil CX is new product created to provide residual control of bed bugs and their eggs using 5.5% pure cold-pressed neem oil as the active ingredient. Cirkil CX comes in a quart sized bottle and is an emulsifiable concentrate, intended for dilution and use in hand pump sprayers, that provides knock-down, residual, and preventative control of beg bugs, bed bug eggs, and celler spiders.

Terramera's CIRKIL® CX biopesticides exhibit noteworthy effectiveness against bed bug adults, nymphs, and their eggs and meet the highest industry and regulatory standards of safety and efficacy.

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