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Target Pests

Insects Mice, Rats, Lizards and Small Snakes,

For Use In

The CatchMaster Glue Boards are great for use in homes, restaurants, bars, offices, and many other areas.,


When applying the glue boards try leaving the wax paper on the trap for a couple of days to about a week to let the rodents get used to the boards. When rodents have gotten used to the boards (you can tell by chew marks, droppings, ect. nearby) then remove all of the wax paper from the boards, now when the rodents run across the boards they will get stuck and never see it coming. Place the boards against walls, baseboards, or in corners. Perforated side tears off for placement against wall to secure traps and prevent drag-off.

Coverage Area

Catchmaster 24 GRB measures 10.5" x 18.5" and is the largest glue board available

How To


Catchmaster 24 GRB Giant Rat Glue Boards

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Catchmaster 24 GRB Giant Rat Glue Boards

The Catchmaster line of adhesive traps now includes an extra large glue board to trap rats and snakes. Like other Catchmaster Glue Traps, MaxCatch uses an extremely sticky, pre-scented adhesive to attract overpower trapped pests. The adhesive used in these traps are of superior quality, it remains effective for up to a year. The product is a safe alternative to trapping systems such as bait stations and snap traps. Added to the high powered Catchmaster adhesive is a tantalizing peanut butter scent that spells disaster for rodents as well as many reptiles.
Product Q & A
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Customer Reviews

  • Catchmaster 24 GRB Giant Rat Glue Boards
    By on 4/10/2015
    Excellent product! Does the job!


  • Catchmaster 24 GRB Giant Rat Glue Boards
    By Bob J on 12/23/2014
    I placed these inside a couple of glue boards and all I can say is wow! everyone of my monitors were successful in catching some roaches!


  • Catchmaster 24 GRB Giant Rat Glue Boards
    By brian mosby on 5/25/2014
    These glue traps catch everything it comes in contact with there's no escaping once caught. Catches plenty of mice at one time and stays in place with the Hercules glue.



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