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Bromacil 80 Herbicide is for use in non-crop areas such as railraods, highways, pipelines, rights-of-way, petroleum tank farms, lumberyards, storage areas, and industrial plant sites.,


It is non-corrosive to equipment, non-flammable and non-volatile. As this product must be absorbed through the root system of weeds, best results are obtained if treatment is made to moist soil and moisture is supplied by rainfall or sprinkler irrigation within two weeks of application. Weed control symptoms are slow to appear and may not become apparent until the chemical has been carried into the root zone of the weeds by moisture. The degree and duration of control will vary with the amount of herbicide applied, rainfall, soil texture, and other soil and water management practices.

Active Ingredient

Bromacil 80.0%

How To

Follow the application guidelines below:

  • Apply using a properly calibrated fixed-boom power sprayer.
  • Bromacil 80 use rates listed on this label are expressed for broadcast treatments. For band treatments, use proportionately less.
  • Use sufficient spray volume (minimum of 10 gallons per acre) to provide uniform coverage of the treated areas and to allow proper dispersion and suspension of the product in the spray tank.
  • Continuous agitation in the spray tank is required to keep the product in suspension. Agitate spray tank contents by mechanical or hydraulic means. If a by-pass or return line is used, it should terminate at the bottom of the tank to minimize foaming. Do not use air agitation.
  • Spray booms must be shut off while starting, turning, slowing or stopping. Overapplication of the herbicide may result in injury to the crop or successive crops.
  • Nozzle screens should be 50 mesh or larger.

Annual Weeds Controlled

  • Barnyardgrass - Echinochloa crus-galli
  • Crabgrass - Digitaria spp.
  • Crowfootgrass - Dactylocteniumaegyptium
  • Henbit - Lamiumamplexicaule
  • Lambsquarter, common - Chenipodium album
  • Mullien, turkey - Eremocarpussetigerus
  • Mustard - Brassica spp.
  • Natalgrass (red top) - Rhynchelytrumrepens
  • Panicum, Texas - Panicumtexanum
  • Puncturevine, common - Tribulusterrestris
  • Purslane, common - Portulacaoleracea
  • Purslane, horse - Trianthemaportulacastrum
  • Pusley, Florida - Richardiascraba
  • Sandbur (sandspur) - Cenchrus spp.
  • Sedge, annual - Cyperuscompressus
  • Sprangletop - Leptochloaspp

Perennial Weeds Controlled

  • Bahiagrass - Paspalumnotatum
  • Bermudagrass - Cynodondactylon
  • Johnsongrass - Sorghum halepense
  • Nutsedge - Cyperus spp.
  • Pangolagrass - Digitariadecumbens
  • Paragrass - Panicumpurpurascens
  • Torpedograss - Panicumrepens

Note: Partial control of perennials usually occurs with a single treatment; repeat applications are required to control perennials. Control of perennials may be improved by cultivation prior to treatment; otherwise, avoid working the soil as long as weed control continues otherwise effectiveness of the treatment may be reduced. Multiple applications may improve control of hard-to-kill weeds.

Bromacil 80 Herbicide

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Bromacil 80 Herbicide

Bromacil 80 is to be mixed in water and applied as a spray for non-selective weed and brush control in non-cropland areas. Bromacil 80 controls many annual weeds at lower rates and perennial weeds and brush at the highest rates allowed by this label. Bromacil 80 also may be used for control of perennial grasses.
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