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Target Pests

mold decay fungi, wood rot, termites, powderpost beetles, wood-destroying insects.,

For Use In

Bora-Care with Mold Care can be used on bare wood and drywall in homes, wall studs, commercial structures, sheds, garages, apartments, plywood, particleboard, cabinets, and other wood needing protection from mold, mildew and wood destroying insects.,


Mix entire contents of Boracare and Moldcare together with 5 gallons of warm or hot water.

Coverage Area

Treats approx. 3600 lineal feet of 2x4 dimensional lumber or 1250 square feet of a crawl space or attic when mixed at the labeled rate of 1 gallon of bora-care with mold care and 5 gallons of water. Please see label for complete application directions and yield amounts.

Time to Kill

Boracare takes approximately 1 to 3 weeks to control mold and fungus. Wood destroying insects will be killed as they consume treated wood.

Mix Rate

Mix MOLD-CARE Moldicide Concentrate and Bora-Care, EPA Reg. No. 64405-1, in water and stir to give a solution of the desired concentration of components following the use directions of each label.

Active Ingredient

BORA-CARE active: Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (Borate) 40%

MOLD-CARE active: Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 80%

Bora-Care with Mold Care

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Bora-Care with Mold Care


Mold-Care is the industry's leading weapon against mold. It acts as a surface-protectant, killing all forms of fungi and molds, sanitizing and disinfecting the treated area.

Bora-Care is the industry's leading borate-based wood preservative, rendering treated wood impervious to termites and other wood destroying insects, as well as wood decay fungi.

It actually diffuses into the wood where remains for the life of the wood, providing residual protection. When used together, they create a highly effective solution to insects and mold.

And it comes with a 25 year warranty for the pest company. There are guidelines to qualify for the warranty, so read the BoraShield warranty section to learn details.


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