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small areas such as cracks, crevices, wall voids even small attics and crawl spaces,


The B&G mini duster electrostatically charges the dust so that it adheres to vertical and upside down surfaces. The B&G Duster is simple and easy to use: simply fill the duster, shake it and push the air tube manually to dust. Duster holds 1/2 pound of dust or 7 oz. of granular bait. Comes with a variety of extension/dusting tips.

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1151-M Mini Dust-R. This small (14.5 in.) duster fits on any service vehicle, and will not leak dust or granules. The short-stroke delivery and the extensions for crack-and-crevice application make it the ideal duster for commercial and residential routes. The chamber holds about 1/2 lb. of dust or 7 oz .of granules.



  • Chamber holds 0.5 lbs. of dust or 7 oz. of granules
  • Large opening for easy filling and emptying
  • Ideal for Silica-based dust formulations
  • Consistent delivery of granules
  • Tip kit included for all applications
  • Great for most dust applications

B&G Mini Dust-R 1151M

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B&G Mini Dust-R 1151M

The B&G Mini Dust-R hand duster is designed for dusting small areas such as cracks, crevices, wall voids even small attics and crawl spaces for cockroaches, ants, drywood termites, silverfish, fleas, etc. The B&G Mini Duster is the industry standard. Easily apply all your favorite dusts such as Borid, Drione, Timbor, Diatemaceous Earth etc. even granular baits such as Maxforce Fine Insect Bait to small indoor areas.
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