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Target Pests


For Use In

Lawns, Landscaped areas, Golf Courses and Grounds,

Coverage Area

Ready-to-use 6 lb. bag provides 600 sq. ft. of protection per pound

Mix Rate

Ready to Use

Active Ingredient

Caster Oil - 11%, Thyme Oil - 1.1%, Rosemary Oil - 1%, White Pepper - 5%, Garlic Oil - 0.1%, Citronella Oil - 0.75%

How To

Application Instructions

1. Using a rotary spreader, cover the entire areas where armadillos are with a 2-phase application over a tho week period.

2. The initial application will drive them out of affected areas and the second application will ensure they do not return for up to 45 days.

3. DAY 1: Apply Armadillo Scram Professional to the entire affected are of lawn starting at the area furthest from where you want the armadillos to exit, then water for 5 minutes. Where the area permits, apply Armadillo Scram Professional in a band at least 30 ft. beyond and around the infested area where tunnels and holes are present.

4. DAY 14: Apply Armadillo Scram Professional over the entire affected lawn, watering in the same way.

Armadillo Scram Repellent

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Armadillo Scram Repellent

Armadillo repellent 25lb Armadillo Scram granular repellent is a proprietary blend of natural and organic biodegradable ingredients specifically designed to reduce and eliminate armadillo activity Stops armadillo damage All-natural ingredients suitable for organic gardening Won't harm people, plants, or animals.
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