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Target Pests

Aquatic Weeds

For Use In

For use in: Natural and Manmade contained lakes and ponds (ornamental, recreational, fi sh rearing or fi sh farming) with little or no outfl ow of water, golf course ponds, and watering turf. ,


Measure out required amount of Aquashade into a pourable container or apply directly from the product
container by pouring around shoreline water and/or in offshore areas from a boat. Aquashade will mix
throughout the water on its own, however, more widespread application or aeration devices/fountains will
provide quicker dispersion.

In freezing climates, Aquashade may be poured onto the ICE in a 3 foot (1 meter) diameter circle it will melt
a hole and disperse underneath. (Be certain ice conditions are safe before making application.)

Mix Rate

1. Calculate total volume of your water body into Gallons (Liters) or Acre-Feet (Cubic Meters): Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Avg. Depth (ft.) x 7.5 = Gallons Length (ft.) x Width (ft.) x Avg. Depth (ft.) / 43,560 = Acre-Feet Avg.

Depth can be determined by taking a number of depth readings and calculating the average or estimated as ½ the maximum depth in evenly contoured bodies of water. 2. Based upon water volume, determine dosage rate from the chart below.

3. Apply in season maintenance dosages, as needed, to restore loss of color due to dilution or dye degrada

Active Ingredient

Acid Blue 9*......................................12.60% Acid Yellow 23**.................................1.04%

How To

For use in: Natural and Manmade contained lakes and ponds (ornamental, recreational, fish bearing or
fish farming) with little or no outflow of water, golf course ponds, and watering turf.

Aquashade contains a blend of blue and yellow dyes designed to absorb specific wavelengths of light critical
to plant photosynthesis. Treated water will retain a light aqua-blue tint following application.

Either allow at least one hour for Aquashade to disperse throughout the water body before using water
for swimming, irrigation or livestock watering or avoid pouring concentrate within 50 ft. of these intake/use
areas, allowing dye to self-disperse into them.

Aquashade Aquatic Herbicide

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Aquashade Aquatic Herbicide

For best results, apply Aquashade as a pre-emergent (prior to plant germination) before the growing season. Aquashade may even be applied directly onto ice cover, (where applicable). Use during the growing season will suppress the rate and extent of underwater growth, but may not eliminate it. Aquashade has reduced effectiveness in waters less than 2 feet deep and on matured submersed aquatic plants. It does not control floating algae mats, free floating plants, or emergent (shoreline) vegetation. These plants can be physically removed or treated with an appropriate EPA registered aquatic herbicide or algaecide if more complete control is desired. When using algaecides or aquatic herbicides, always follow label restrictions, precautions and directions for use.
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