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Aqua Black Select WSB can be used in lagoons, lakes, ponds or any other kind of controlled water source.,


Aqua Black WSB SELECT pond dye creates a glistening, reective surface on controlled discharge systems such as lakes, lagoons, ponds or other water features that have become dingy and hazy. Non-toxic to aquatic life, pets, water fowl and irrigation systems, Aqua Black WSB SELECT is not recommended for use in systems such as rivers or streams where the water ow is not impounded. Swimming, shing and water sports are safe immediately after application of Aqua Black WSB SELECT When used as directed Aqua Black WSB SELECT will not stain concrete, stone, or swimwear. Photo-degradation, biological processes and dilution or chlorine will naturally diminish color intensity over time-2 to 4 weeks. Typically dissolving in 3-5 minutes, easy to use Aqua Black WSB SELECT simplies user contact, clean-up and package disposal.

Mix Rate

Use this formula to calculate the volume of water for treatment: Length x width x depth = acre-foot 43,560 (1 acre-foot =325,851 gallons.)

For each 1 acre-foot of water feature surface area, use one packet of Aqua Black WSB SELECT. Color intensity maybe adjusted by gradually increasing or decreasing the application rate as needed. Place packets near aerators, waterfalls or circulating pumps and evenly spaced across large surface areas to speed dispersal rate. Temperature differences, wind and currents will disperse colorant where there are no mechanical systems.

Active Ingredient

Proprietary blend of Black dyes and other ingredients - 100%

How To

  • Convenient 4 oz. water soluble bags
  • Up to 12x more efficient than typical liquid dyes
  • No direct contact with dye means less mess
  • Non-toxic to aquatic species, water fowl and pets
  • Water soluble bags dissolve in under 2 minutes
  • 1 pack treats up to 1 acre, up to 2 ft. in depth
  • Available in black and aqua blue

Aqua Black Select WSB

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Aqua Black Select WSB

Aqua Blue WSB Select ™ and Aqua Black WSB Select ™ A simple and uncomplicated solution for coloring your pond or water feature. Simply toss in a pack and wait for the water soluble pack to dissolve. The unique granular formulation disperses more quickly and more thoroughly than traditional powdered formulations. The dye is non-toxic to aquatic species, water fowl and pets, and the water is available for recreational activities or irrigation immediately after full dispersal.
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