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Gopher Bait Blocks, Use Around Homes, Vegetable Gardens & Yards, Long Term Control With 1 Application, Weather Proof. Less Hazardous than Strychnine or Zinc Phosphide Based Gopher Baits. Specially designed to fit easily into a Gopher Burrow. Moisture Resistant and Remains Palatable to Gophers for extended periods of time in the burrow. Two Block application leaves adequate bait in the burrow system to kill gophers invading the burrow after death of the original gopher. In the event that a gopher moves the bait to a food chache area, an even longer period of control is possible from a single application. Packed in Tamper-Evident Freshness Pails.

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Diphacinone 0.005%

Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers

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Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers

Discover JT Eaton's answer For pocket gopher control. These gopher bait blocks include enough gopher poison to finally rid your home or office of that pesky gopher problem. JT Eaton's gopher control gopher bait comes in a 10-lb pail with resealable packaging for long-term use.
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Customer Reviews

  • Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers
    By on 6/11/2015
    My yard is a pocket gopher's delight, or at least it was. Now that I have been using JT Eatons gopher bait blocks over the past year I have seen a dramatic decrease in gopher activity. I still have a long way to go but am confident over time that I will be able to effective manage my gopher population.


  • Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers
    By Ann on 3/4/2013
    We are at war with gophers on our 5 acres. This product works better than anything else we've found. Definitely makes a difference.


  • Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers
    By GOODBYE GOPHERS on 3/24/2011
    The by far is the best product to keep gophers away. I tried everything under the sun all the way up to paying hefty prince for rodent exterminator. This product is simple to use and does detours the rodents away.


  • Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers
    By Robert Pyles on 6/24/2010
    The only product that we have found that really works!!


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