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PERFORMANCE WETTER can be used with most fertilizer and pesticide products with accordance to their manufacturer's label.,

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Further, ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL is compatible in tank mix application with a broad spectrum of crop protection pesticides, including the complete range of all branded and generic glyphosate formulations. ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL is very concentrated and performs effectively at ultra-low use rates even as low as 1-4 oz. per 100 gal. of water. Start with low dosage rates and increase as needed. A thickened or “stringy” solution indicates, that too much ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL has been used. Step 1. Select proper dosage for the spraying operation. Step 2. Fill mix tank with water, pesticide, fertilizer, surfactant/ additives and agitate. Step 3. Shake bottle well before using. Step 4. For best mixing results, either (1) inject ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL liquid into the suction side of the feeder or recirculating pump to obtain adequate dispersion of the polymer throughout the pesticide solution, or (2) slowly add ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL liquid to the agitating tank mix at the area of highest turbulence. Step 5. Continue to agitate mix tank for at least 3 minutes before spraying. Step 6. Follow all cleanup precautions on label of pesticide used. Follow governmental procedures for disposal of pesticide spray solution

Alligare Performance Wetter

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Alligare Performance Wetter

ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL is an effective, easy-to-use adjuvant for deposition improvement and drift retardation in spraying operations. ALLIGARE DRIFT CONTROL is designed for general use in standard ground and aerial applications and is fully compatible with a wide variety of spray congurations including those with new A.I. and other specialized drift reduction nozzles.
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