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Aegis Anchor Stations are used in and around residential and commercial buildings,


Universal key opens other Aegis products. No special tools required. Rotating hinge won't crack or break when opened in cold weather. Holds and protects bait.
Vertical and horizontal baiting rods keep bait secure inside station and away from moisture. Useful indoors and outdoors in full range of rat environments (commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural).

Anchoring slot to properly secure station. Aegis RP Bait Stations Right Performance The See the exit before entry design invites rodents to enter and readily feed. Right Profile The AEGIS-RP is narrow for placement flexibility in tight locations and can be positioned on edge. Right Price Economical, a profitable choice for new accounts or as a replacement bait station at existing accounts. NEW rounded interior corners for easy, fast station clean out Right Profile narrower design permits flexible on-edge, vertical mounting for tight locations and in rafters for Roof rats. Strong rotating hinges secure lid and operate down to -20 degrees for long service life. An AEGIS-RP exclusive only bait station to open away from the wall, creating a convenient surface for recording data. Secure locking mechanism, easy to open with one universal key. Tamper resistant, prevents access by people and non-target pets. Vertical and horizontal bait rods securely anchor rodenticides. Drain holes keep bait drier and more palatable. Knockout anchor points provide flexible securing options. Excellent station for new accounts or for replacement station at existing accounts.

The ONE for IPM in schools, food service, hospitals and other sensitive accounts. Prevents access by non-target pets and people. One universal key opens all Aegis products. Lid opens away from wall and provides a convenient surface for recording service information. Long service life, rotating hinge and heavy duty construction means less replacement and lower cost. Remove bait tray and insert the Kness Big Snap-E rat trap for tamper-resistant trapping. Remove baffle and insert the Atlantic Paste 48R glue board for monitoring/control of rodents. Drain holes keep bait drier, fresher and more palatable. Vertical and horizontal rods secure Generation or Maki mini-blocks. Anchor points provide securing options. Easy to service and clean.

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University research studies performed in England show that rat and mouse behavior patterns are very different. In response to these studies, Aegis Rodent Bait Stations from LIPHATECH were designed specifically to cater to the particular feeding habits of rats. Studies conclude that rats prefer to feed in tunnels. So it's no surprise that Aegis' double-tunnel design improved bait consumption by up to 57% over other rodent bait stations on the market. They rarely feed from lightweight plastic bait stations. Instead they often resort to chewing through the plastic rather than entering the box. They are more likely to enter the tunnels of Aegis Rodent Bait Stations, which are made of heavy-duty polypropylene.

Aegis Anchor Rat Bait Station

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Aegis Anchor Rat Bait Station

Keeps bait away from children and non-target animals. Unique double-quartered locking barbs make Aegis tamper resistant. Simplified maintenance. AEGIS-RP Rodent Bait Station the foundation of any baiting program. Tamper-resistant placement of rodenticide is the key in a rodent control program. The NEW AEGIS-RP Bait Station gets rodents to enter and feed for outstanding control of any rodent population. And the AEGIS-RP is fast to service for increased PMP profit. Restrictions: Only 1 key per 6 stations will be shipped, please contact us directly if you would like additional stations at an additional charge
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