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Target Pests

Imported fire ants Bigheaded ants, and Pavement ants ,

For Use In

Commercial and Residential Lawns, Golf Courses, Recreational areas, and other Non-Crop areas ,


1.5 lb per acre

0.5 oz per 1,000 sq ft

When to apply:

1. ADVION fire ant bait should be applied at the first sign of fire ant, bigheaded ant or pavement ant activity.

2.  Applications may be made at any time of the day, but are more effective when ants are actively foraging, usually when the soil surface temperature is above 60 degrees.

3.  Up to 4 applications of ADVION fire ant bait may be applied per year. These are generally applied at 12 to 16 week intervals. However, rainfall or irrigation within 2 to 3 hours after application may reduce the effectiveness of ADVION fire ant bait and a repeat application within 7 days may be necessary to achieve the desired level of control.

4.  Do not apply if the area to be treated is wet with dew, irrigation or rainfall. 

Coverage Area

1.5lb per acre

Time to Kill

24-72 hours

Mix Rate

Ready to Use.

Active Ingredient


How To


1.  Broadcast Treatments: Make application with broadcast equipment capable of applying 1.5 pounds of ADVION fire ant bait per acre. Calibrate and adjust equipment prior to application to ensure that the proper rate of product will be applied. Retreat after 12-16 weeks if needed.

2  Individual Mound Treatments: Do not disturb the mound. Do not apply to tops of mound. Apply 4 level tablespoons (0.5 oz) of ADVION fire ant bait per mound, uniformly distributing the product 3-4 feet around the mound. Retreat after 12-16 weeks if needed. Individual mound treatments.

Advion Fire Ant Bait Insecticide

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Advion Fire Ant Bait Insecticide

DuPont Advion® fire ant bait is the fastest acting, most effective fire ant bait available today. Combined with an alluring formulation, Advion® ensures control of imported fire ants in 24-72 hours - for entire colony control - fast.
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