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Target Pests

Subterranean Termites

For Use In

The Advance Termite Bait Cartridges (TBC) are used during the baiting phase. After termites have been identified in the monitoring stations, the Advance Termite Inspection Cartridges (TIC) are replaced with these bait cartridges. The bait is contained in a plastic container for easy inspection. The stations should still be checked every 3 months even when termites are present in the baiting station. ,


Replace Termite Inspection Cartridge with Termite Bait Cartridge when termite activity has been found in a station. Remove Bait Cartridge after 90 days or when termite activity ceases.

Coverage Area

Advance Compressed Termite Bait II Means More Savings:

  • More cost effective: Our new bigger bait load is competitively priced offering you a better value-more termite bait at a better cost per unit compared to the current 93-gram cartridge.
  • No system changes: there are any costly replacement changes to the Advance Termite Bait station (ATBS) station you are currently using. The new bait load utilizes the same cartridge dimensions with a new higher compression tablet technology that allows us to put more bait tablets in the same size cartridge.

Treatment Technique:

Termite cartridges placed in stations once termites are present in station.

Active Ingredient:25% Diflubenzuron


Active Ingredient

25% Diflubenzuron

Advance Compressed Termite Bait II

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Advance Compressed Termite Bait II


Advance Compressed Termite Bait II

NEW! 124-Gram Bait Cartridge

More Bait. More Service Options. More Savings. The New Advance Compressed Termite Bait II label and Gives 30% more bait, more service interval options and the ability to save up to 25% in labor and gas.

  • Used during baiting phase
  • Contains 124-grams compressed Puri-Cell bait matrix with 0.25% diflubenzuron
  • Containerized for ease of inspection

More Bait:

  • More Killing Power: The powerful 124-gram bait load provides 33% more bait in each of the termite cartridges to deliver to the colony.
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