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Target Pests

Insects Controlled: European Red Mite Two-spotted Spider Mite, Carmine Spider Mite, Southern Red Mite, Spruce Spider Mite, Cyclamen, Broad Mites, Rust and Bud Mites, Boxwood Leafminers, Liriomyza, Leafminers

Insects Suppressed:Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies


For Use In

Abamectin EC is for use us greenhouses. shadehouses, fields, foliage plants, christmas trees, and other woody ornamentals.,


To control Mites apply Abamectin .15EC when mites first appear and reapply as needed to maintain control. Mix 4oz of Abamectin per 100 gallons of water and apply 200 gallons per acre for control of mites. To control Leafminers, appply Abamectin EC every 7 days to maintain control. Mix 8oz of Abamectin per 100 gallons of water and apply when adults are beginning to lay eggs. To kill whiteflies, thrips, and aphids apply Abamectin during the immature insect stages. Repeat application once a week for 3 weeks and then rotate to another insecticide with a different mode of action for 3 week. Abamectin must come into direct contact with these pests to kill them. Mix 8oz of Abamectin per 100 gallons of water and apply as a contact spray to young immature insects. Minimize resistance to Abamectin by rotating to another active ingredient every 3 weeks. To control plant destroying insects on cannabis/marijuana plants mix .08oz of abamectin per gallon of water and apply as a broadcast application to the leafs of the plants.

Coverage Area

One quart of Abamectin will treat 4 to 8 acres depending on target pest. See label for exact coverages.

Time to Kill

Abamectin should be reapplied at 1 week intervals for 3 weeks for best control.

Mix Rate

Mix 4oz of Abamectin per 100 gallons of water and apply 200 gallons per acre for control of mites.

Active Ingredient

Abamectin 1.9%

Abamectin .15EC Miticide

Product Q & A

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Abamectin .15EC Miticide

Abamectin .15EC Miticide can be used to control leafminers, mites, aphids, whiteflies, and thrips on ornamental plants. Abamectin is non-phototoxic on most ornamental plants and can be applied at any time of year. Abamectin is an excellent cannabis herbicide for growing marijuana plants. It will control all problem insects in cannabis grow houses. Abamectin is used to kill spider mites on marijuana plants.
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Customer Reviews

  • Abamectin .15EC Miticide
    By Holly on 1/27/2015
    I love this stuff! It works miracles!


  • Abamectin .15EC Miticide
    By Joshua Monroe on 11/29/2010
    I ordered this product over 2 weeks ago and still have not received it. I will write a review if I ever get it.



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