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Target Pests

4 the bird controls pigeons starlings, and other nuisance birds.,

For Use In

4 The Birds Bird Repellent works in any weather, indoors or outdoors, literally anywhere: on water tanks, trees, shrubbery, shipping docks and railroad sidings, yards, parking lots, etc.,


Clean surfaces before application; remove dead birds, nests, etc., then wire brush or scrape the surface to remove dust, dirt, loose paint, droppings, etc. Wearing rubber or other nonporous gloves and the use of a respirator is recommended. On porous surfaces, such as stone or unpainted wood, the surface should be sealed prior to 4 THE BIRDS application; brush or spray on a coat of shellac or a 50% solution of white glue, then allow to dry. The use of drop cloths to protect areas below applications is highly recommended. Treat all the landing places on the entire building for best results. ON NARROW SURFACES, such as rain gutters, roof peaks, ornamental trim, rose windows, portholes or column caps, generally one 1/2" bead (strip) is enough; ON WIDER SURFACES, such as eaves, chimneys, downspouts, dormers, bell towers, fire walls (parapets), electrical signs and related structures, I-beams and braces, air conditioner and heating ducts, additional beads may be needed. Furthermore, some birds tend to overshoot their intended landing spots requiring additional strips of repellent.

Coverage Area

4 The Birds is applied to clean and dry surfaces in beads. When applied as directed, each cartridge should yield 10 feet of repellent bead.

Active Ingredient

Polybutene 93%

4 The Birds-Bird Repellent Gel

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4 The Birds-Bird Repellent Gel

4 THE BIRDS contains polybutene which is used in chewing gum, surgical bandages and lipstick and will not kill birds when used according to package directions. Also, because of its unique chemical formulation, 4 THE BIRDS will retain its effectiveness for up to one year (under most weather conditions). Therefore, birds learn to avoid areas treated with 4 THE BIRDS and seek new locations for roosting. Many pest control experts recommend 4 THE BIRDS as the best way to solve pest bird problems. 4 THE BIRDS gel bird repellent is applied with a standard caulking gun. Before inserting a cartridge of 4 THE BIRDS into the caulking gun carriageway, simply trim the end of the plastic spout to a taper. Leave the lip on the spout for replacing the cap on partially filled cartridges, and puncture the seal. Always remember to replace the cap on the tip of any partially filled caulk tube. To apply 4 THE BIRDS, keep the tapered, flat section of the cartridge spout upper-most, but resting lightly on the surface to be treated. Then, draw the caulking gun slowly towards you while applying steady pressure on the trigger during the full distance of travel. This technique provides a solid bead (strip) of 4 THE BIRDS repellent approximately 1/2" wide and ensures satisfactory results. Don't waste 4 THE BIRDS with haphazard applications.
Product Q & A
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