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Pesticide dusts can be applied in many places. This duster is mainly used for treating large areas like attics, wall voids, and crawl spaces with a pesticide dust.,

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Tank Size (gal.): Holds 3 lb of dust or granules Hose Length (in.): 24 in.

Spray Pattern: Broadcast, or direct application Material/Construction: Molded plastic tank Special Features: 3.5 in. opening for easy filling, dust is electrostatically charged for ready adherence to vertical and upside down surfaces as it is expelled from the extension, can dispense your insecticide up to 30 ft in an even pattern of distribution for optimal coverage Parts Included: 24 in. flexible hose, 12 in. direct application extension.


Manufactured by: B&G
The B&G pest control electric duster can dispense your insecticide up to 30 ft in an even pattern of distribution for optimal coverage. However, exact distance traveled by dusts or granules depends upon how full the hopper is. The more full the hopper, the further the dust or granules will travel. When using this or any other equipment to dispense pesticide, always remember to wear a face mask and eye protection. Available in 110V or 220/240V.

B&G Electric Duster 3lb M2250

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B&G Electric Duster 3lb M2250


The B&G Electric Duster is the ideal tool for dusting large volumes of insecticide dust in areas such as attics, crawl spaces, and other favorite hiding places for a variety of insects. Ideal for roach control, ant control, silverfish control, carpenter ant control, and termite control. This duster holds up to 3 pounds of dust or granular (such as Drione Dust, Timbor, Borid, etc), and features a large 3.5" opening for easy filling.

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