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Wasp & Hornet Control Products

Wasp and Hornet Control Products

A wasp is identified by its smooth body in comparison to similar other pests. Bees will have a hairy body, and different color markings. The Wasp will resemble a scavenger at times because of their food preference and seeking behaviors, buzzing the area looking for a protein rich food source. There are two types of wasps, solitary and social. Solitary Wasps are wasps that do not live in a colony. Social Wasps live and congregate together, which are typically the type identified as being an issue due to their larger population size.

A common wasp is the Velvet Ant, which we usually notice the females uncharacteristically running around, as she is wingless. Their body is covered in red and black fuzzy velvet surface and they have an extremely painful sting. Mud Daubers are a Wasp named for their ability to create a brood chamber with mud. The Paper Wasps get their name from their ability to build their nest with a substance that almost looks and feels like paper.

Hornets and Yellow jackets are the most commonly identified pests, as structural wasps. They will live in large, thousand member colonies. The threat from their stings is mainly because of their opportunistic nesting in structural voids, eaves, attics, and other places in and around the home. Early detection of their nest and presence allows for quick treatment to avoid entry into your home.

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