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Rodent Control with Warfarin Rodenticide

Warfarin Rodenticide is found in Kaput and has the same or greater mortality to the target animal and less risk to any non-target animals. This is a first generation anticoagulant, and kills rodents over the same time period as 2nd generation anticoagulants. A rat or mouse may feed on any anticoagulant bait over 100 times before it ultimately dies. Although some species and infestations will have developed a resistance to Warfarin Rodenticides, it is also common that poor and insufficient placement of bait stations can be mistaken for a resistance as well. Flawed testing historically induced a panic over mass-resistance resulting from widespread treatment, but updated studies have proven that this is in fact false and flawed information contributed to faulty findings. in Norway rats from Chicago had a 100% mortality rate with 0.025% Warfarin found in Kaput Warfarin Products. Current, updated Warfarin pest control products have a much purer form than that used for earlier testing. It no longer has the metabolites that are distasteful.

This active ingredient will typically begin to show effects, and kill the rodent within an average of 5 days. With any rodent pest control poisons, It is always important to use bait stations, as they protect unintended targets from gaining access. Rodents may become suspicious of a new or different food source, but consistent use should product positive results.

Use Warfarin rodenticide along with rat traps and glue boards to ensure a fully effective pest control plan is in place. Also be sure to monitor small, enclosed spaces to avoid having any remains left behind once the pests become deceased.

Need expert advice? Rat, mouse and other small rodent infestations can quickly become overwhelming. Eradication is possible with proper use and monitoring using professional grade, affordable products from ePestSolutions. Speak with our professionals for additional advice!

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