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Vendetta Roach Bait Gel

    Vendetta Roach Bait Gel

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    Vendetta Cockroach Gel Bait is a high-performance gel bait containing abamectin B1. Vendetta works on tough, hard-to-kill roach populations. Attracts both bait-averse and non-averse cockroaches. Vendetta Roach Bait is easy to handle and apply and dispenses smoothly and easily from the gel tube. Comes with a plunger for applying the bait. The tubes also fit standard bait guns such as the Masterline Professional Bait Gun. Shelf life is 3 years or more if stored at room temperature.

  • Active Ingredient: Abamectin B1 0.05%
  • Target pests: Cockroaches
  • For use in: Indoors
  • Pet safe: Yes, when used as directed.
  • Manufactured by: MGK

    It is recommended to rotate Vendetta Roach Bait Gel with another cockroach gel bait such as Advion Roach Gel or Maxforce FC. Rotating gel baits amongst different brands and active ingredients provides much more complete and effective roach control over longer periods of time and prevents bait aversion.

    general use directions:

    This product is for use only as a spot or crack and crevice treatment for the indoor

    control of Cockroaches in residential areas (only in areas inaccessible to children and

    pets) and both food/feed and non-food/non-feed areas of institutional, warehousing,

    and commercial establishments, including warehouses, restaurants, food processing

    plants, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, motels, hotels, schools, laboratories,

    computer facilities, buses, boats/ships, aircraft, trains, pet shops, and zoos.

    Non-food/non-feed areas are areas such as garbage rooms, lavatories, floor drains

    (to sewers), entries and vestibules, offices, locker rooms, machine rooms, boiler rooms,

    garages, mop closets, and storage (after canning or bottling).

    Food/feed areas include areas for receiving, storage, packing (canning, bottling,

    wrapping, and boxing), preparing edible waste storage, and enclosed processing

    systems (mills, dairies, edible oils, and syrups). Serving areas are also considered

    a food/feed area when food is exposed and facility is in operation.

    Vendetta is for use in controlling Cockroaches indoors. The pre-filled plastic reservoir

    containing Vendetta is intended for use with bait injector application devices common

    to the pest control industry. Inject into cracks and crevices, void spaces, and other

    locations where insects may harbor, live, and breed. Concentrate the bait placements as

    individual spots at insect activity sites (only in areas inaccessible to children and pets).


    For light infestations of Cockroaches, 4 to 6 bait points are recommended per 100

    square feet of treatment area. For heavy infestations of Cockroaches, 12 to 24 bait

    points are recommended per 100 square feet of treatment areas. Each bait point

    should equal about 0.25 to 0.50 grams of product. A spot approximately 3 mm. or

    1/8 inch in diameter equals 0.25 grams of product, while a spot approximately 6 mm.

    or 1/4 inch in diameter equals 0.50 grams of product.


    1. Remove the cap from the nozzle, touch the top to the surface to be treated, and push down on the plunger. Apply bait as spots in cracks and crevices. Recap the dispenser after treatment is completed.

    2. Store in a cool, dry place.

    3. Do not apply gel to areas that have been recently sprayed with insecticide, and do not spray insecticide over gel, as this may cause the bait to become repellent.

    4. The bait will adhere to non-greasy or non-dusty surfaces and will remain pliable and palatable to Cockroaches as long as it is visibly present.

    5. A visual inspection of bait placements is recommended at one month after the initial treatment. Reapply when bait is no longer visibly present, according to the level of infestation. Do not allow bait to be completely consumed to keep Cockroaches returning.

    ePestSolutions has a wide variety of pest control products for cockroach control which includes roach baits, dusts and sprays.

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    Average Customer Review: 5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 (1 Reviews)
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Reviewer: , 12.22.2014 (, CO)
    See ya later me cockroach~
    When you have Vendetta on your side, roaches do not stand a chance, they love the bait, never seen anything like it!

    Ask a question about this product.

    Q: How long does this bait stay active is I store it properly?

    A: 3 years or more if stored at room temperature for shelf life of the Vendetta Roach Bait Gel

    Q: Will this product kill silver fish

    A: No Vendetta Plus is a cockroach gel bait and works great on controlling cockroaches, you can checkout Dekko Silverfish for an appropriate Silverfish control product.

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