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Velpar L Soil Applied Herbicide with Hexazinone

    Velpar L Soil Applied Herbicide with Hexazinone

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    Velpar L Soil Applied Herbicide with Hexazinone Velpar L Soil Applied Herbicide with Hexazinone $1600.00
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    Velpar L Soil Applied Herbicide with Hexazinone

    Velpar is the only selective soil-applied herbicide that will control woody weeds. Velpar L at 6 to 8 litres of product per hectare (1.45 to 1.90 kg/ha active ingredient) will generally give excellent control of such woody weeds as lambkill, hardhack, meadowsweet, Labrador tea, poplar and others (Table 1); but some woody species like bayberry, alder, false-honeysuckle and withrod are resistant. Therefore, these rates are useful for bringing new land into production. Velpar L at 6 to 8 litres per hectare will also control most common grasses, sedges and herbaceous broadleaved weeds; although some, like quackgrass, vetch, yellow loosestrife, and bunchberry are not adequately controlled. Hexazinone dissipates rapidly from soils, particularly where the soils are wet, and some weeds like St. John's wort, sheep sorrel and some grasses and goldenrods can re-establish from seed even where the herbicide has been used. In practice, lower rates have been used to give maintenance weed control of sensitive herbaceous species in fields with a history of Velpar L application.

    Velpar L is applied after the spring prune. Crop tolerance is greatest if Velpar L is applied before burned plants emerge or before leaves on old wood of mowed plants leaf out. Generally there has been little practical difference in tolerance to Velpar L of blueberry plants pruned by either burning or mowing, provided they are applied at the appropriate time of crop development. Blueberry plants will recover from minor leaf burn and defoliation. However, applications in late-May or early June can cause serious crop injury and yield loss. Early applications, especially of lower rates, generally provide better weed control too. Some clones and the velvet-leaved blueberry (Vaccinium myrtylliodes) are sensitive to hexazinone and may have been replaced in many fields with a history of herbicide application. Also plants on sandy or shallow soils, or those weakened by heavy weed competition or frost heaving are more sensitive than those in vigorous stands.

    Although Velpar L can cause severe injury if applied directly to foliage of plants, it is primarily a soil acting herbicide that is leached by rain into the root zone. Velpar L activity may be reduced by either too little or too much rainfall. Its soil activity is also modified by soil texture, that is lower rates are required on light, sandy soils than on heavier soils or those high in organic matter. Do not apply to gravelly soils, especially those subject to erosion following removal of the weeds, or to steep slopes, or to areas that are wet and poorly drained. It should not be applied to roadways, natural water courses that drain surface water, or other areas susceptible to erosion in the absence of plant cover. This herbicide is very water soluble and subject to leaching and lateral movement. Therefore, it is important to follow Good Management Practices to minimize the risk of contaminating water sources. Overlapping applications, or those made on uneven terrain that does not permit an even application may result in crop injury. In Canada , Velpar L can only be applied using ground driven equipment.

    Experience has now shown that the lowbush blueberry does not colonize ground kept bare from repeated Velpar use. Applications should therefore be restricted to those areas of fields that have enough blueberry cover to merit harvesting. Allowing vegetation to grow in other areas may be beneficial in reducing erosion and may favour long-term blueberry colonization.

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