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Systemic insecticides

Eliminate Pests and Protect Plants with Systemic Insecticides

Systemic pest control products are for outdoor use, and function uniquely, by the chemicals ability to be absorbed into a plant and move safely around the tissues. Taking place in the plants vascular system, the systemic pesticides travel through the plant. Commonly used by gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts, Systemic pest control offers a great solution for a potentially serious pest problem! Noticing pests on plants, or telltale signs such as holes in leaves, peeling bark and dying or changing color can be identifying characteristics of the need for Systemic treatment.

Why is this important? Certain pests, especially those that have sucking mouth parts, can be effectively controlled by application of a systemic insecticide on the host plant. Pesticides that can be applied to the soil and then transported in the xylem sap tissue can reach pests that are otherwise hard to kill. Some insect types are less likely to move around, and less likely to absorb pesticides applied only to the exterior of a plant. Systemic insecticides effectively treat such pests.

In addition, compared to traditional surface pesticides, Systemic pesticides are much friendlier to pets, birds and even humans, because of the decreased likelihood of ever encountering the pesticide. Very large trees would be almost impossible to treat without a systemic pesticide treatment option. Systemic products effectively treat infestations in large trees, ensuring the tree isnít destroyed and eliminating the pest issues.

When seeking a specific active ingredient in a pesticide, Systemic insecticides offer a range of options- Bifen, Pyrethrin, Permethrin, Fipronil, Imidacloprid or Glyphosate, we at can help you select the perfect chemical for your application. Common garden and outdoor Systemic insecticides include Merit, Imidacloprid, and Dominion.

Eliminate outdoor pest infestations on plants and trees by selecting the appropriate Systemic insecticide at ePestSolutions. Unsure of all the options? Connect with friendly and helpful ePestSolutions professionals or visit our resources section of our website for helpful, thorough information!

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