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Sonar A. S. Liquid Aquatic Herbicide

    Sonar A. S. Liquid Aquatic Herbicide

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    Sonar A. S. Liquid Aquatic Herbicide

    Singularly the world's leading brand of aquatic herbicide. Now offering professional aquatic managers five distinct formulations for the selective, long-term control of undesirable aquatic vegetation.

    Dedicated to advancing the science of aquatic plant management, SePRO has conducted over six years of extensive research on product formulations, release rates and pond sediment to discover how these three critical factors affect plant control. As the culmination of this research, professional aquatic managers now choose from four distinct formulations of Sonar, the world's leading brand of aquatic herbicide for the selective, long-term control of undesirable aquatic vegetation.

    Sonar, The Flexible Solution
    Sonar aquatic herbicide offers both selective and broad-spectrum control capabilities. Since each lake is different in shape and size, water flow pattern, aquatic plant species and type of use, the development of an effective aquatic vegetation management program requires an aquatic herbicide formulation that is flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of applications. Whether the intended use of a lake is fishing, swimming or simply aesthetic beauty, Sonar can provide an effective plant management solution.

    Selective Control
    Sonar selectively manages problem weeds for a year or longer, with minimal risk to the environment. That makes water usable for recreation, brings the fish population back into balance and restores property values. Water can be enjoyed the way it used to be, because even directly after application, Sonar won't restrict swimming, fishing or drinking. No other aquatic herbicide provides this flexibility.

    Unsurpassed Research, Unmatched Expertise
    The complete line of Sonar Aquatic Herbicides is the key component of the Integrated Methods for the Control of Aquatic Plants. The IMCAP process - a combination of chemical and non-chemical technologies that SePRO researchers have merged together to develop uniquely-tailored treatment strategies for maximum results with minimum application rates.

    The IMCAP process provides applicators with a full arsenal of pre-treatment planning data including Bathymetric and Volumetric Surveys and Mapping, Remote Sensing and Hydroacoustic Surveys, and PlanTEST*, a pre-treatment bioassay that determines the fluridone susceptibility of the target species to Sonar. A second plant bioassay, EffecTEST*, is employed during and following treatment to determine the response of both target and non-target vegetation, allowing applicators to adjust treatment rates or schedules, if necessary, early in the application process. Finally, a FasTEST* Water Analysis is used to determine the concentration of fluridone in the water during the treatment period. FasTEST, a key factor in developing low use-rates strategies for Sonar, allows applicators to manage Sonar concentrations within a few parts per billion (ppb) of the target rate over the two- to four-month treatment period.

    Along with Sonar SRP , Sonar A.S. (liquid in gallon, quart and pint containers) is one of the two original formulations of Sonar Aquatic Herbicide. While each Sonar formulation provides applicators an abundance of options when seeking to control nuisance aquatic vegetation in a variety of treatment situations, Sonar A.S. is available for immediate uptake into the target plants. Sonar A.S. provides the most efficient concentration level and is the ideal choice in waterbodies with minimal water flow and when targeting strands of emersed vegetation.

    Sonar Aquatic Herbicide selectivity is dependent upon dosage, time of year, stage of growth, method of application and water movement. Please see the Sonar label for an outline of vascular aquatic plants controlled, partially controlled and not controlled by Sonar. Algae (chara, nitella, filamentous species) are not controlled by Sonar. Consult a SePRO Aquatic Specialist prior to application of Sonar Aquatic Herbicide to determine your target plants' susceptibility.

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