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Skunk Control Products

Bait and Trap Skunks

Skunks are members of the weasel family and there are four species of skunks in North America: the most common is the striped skunk and then there are hooded skunks, spotted skunks and hog-nosed skunks. We usually do not notice the presence or movement of skunks around our homes or buildings until one decides to permanently take up residence under a porch, shed, garage or decking. An identifying factor is always the trademark smell, and one can usually smell a faint skunk smell in the area that the skunks have just moved through.

The most commonly identified skunks are striped skunks, which measure 20 to 30 inches long (including the tail) and weigh 6 to 10 pounds with two wide white stripes on the back that meet on the head. They are slow-moving animals but have strong forefeet and long nails which make them excellent diggers. Their digging skills are how they access food, and also how they create entry points underneath foundations, garages, sheds, decks and patios.

The Female Skunk with have a springtime litter of babies within a hole that is dug under an area such as a porch, deck or home. If you have a lawn infested with grubs, this might be making your residence even more attractive to a skunk, as that is their meal of choice.

Controlling skunks will take steps in habitat modification- remove the food source, pet food bowls, and reduce your grub population. Harassment of skunks has been proven to make them seek other options for housing, even using floodlights at entrances of their homes has been successful. The next skunk removal option is using humane animal traps.

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