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Silverfish Control Products

Silverfish Pest Control Products

silverfish pest control, traps, pesticides, insecticidesSilverfish are considered very primitive living insects and they are characterized by the three long tail-like appendages. They have chewing mouth parts, long antennae and a body covered in scales. Silverfish can have a few legs, or have many legs on each side of their bodies. These are characterized as a structure invading pest. Capable of swift movement and their ability to move sideways or even jump when disturbed, they can be challenging to catch or kill. Since the Silverfish and the similar Firebrats are flattened, they are able to find an abundance of places to hide. They are usually located in small cracks and crevices. Silverfish eat carbohydrates and proteins and will search for long distances to find the perfect meal. Once a source of food is found, they will usually settle in and make themselves at home. Silverfish are known to feed off of paper products, dried meats, rolled oats, cotton and silks in addition to traditional food products.

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