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Pyrethroid Pest Control Products

Pyrethroid Pest Control Products

Pyrethroids are a type of insecticide that is synthetic, as it has been produced by man, although closely modeled after a natural insecticide called Pyrethrin. Pyrethroids mimic the functionality of the natural version (Pyrethrin which stems from the Chrysanthemum flower) they were based on, but have also been further modified so as to perform better, specifically in relation to the ability to last under direct sunlight. Found in pest control products used for crop treatments, household applications and even direct pet applications, Pyrethroids are classified using a grouping system that is based on their chemical makeup.

Pyrethroids in group Type I are a collection of the earliest released versions of the pesticide, and are grouped together basically because they do not belong elsewhere. Among them are Permethrin, Bifenthrin and Remethrin. Although synthetic, this group is closely modeled after the natural version, Pyrethrin, but considered to be a more affordable alternative.

Type II Pyrethroids are designed to have an increased insecticide activity, as well as more stability to be able to endure use in sunlight. Fenvalerate, Deltamethrin and Cyfluthrin are among the members of this group.

As a result of their engineered efficiency, Pyrethroids provide reliable residual treatment, and require very small amounts to be used in application, while still performing intended results. Common forms of this insecticide are dusts, aerosols, granules and liquid concentrates- Contributing to ease of use for multiple application scenarios. Pyrethroids can be found in mosquito and fly control products as well as in many forms of roach control and for general home pest control.

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