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Pyrethrin Insecticides

Pyrethrin Organic Pesticides

Pyrethrin based products are organic pesticides that have an active ingredient created from the Chrysanthemum plant. An environmentally safe pest control product, Pyrethrins are created by harvesting the plant prior to its blooming. It is then either dried out, or processed to successfully achieve extracting the oils from within the flowers. Chrysanthemums are grown around the country commercially to provide the necessary supply for Pyrethrin pest control products.

This natural ingredient is a contact poison for many pests, and penetrates to nervous system, effectively immobilizing the insect within just minutes following the application. Cockroaches, ants, wasps and silverfish can all be eradicated with Pyrethrins, as well mosquitos and many other common pests. The effects of the fast knockdown can be visibly seen, but in some insects enzymes can quickly process and may provide for the pest to recover, and require retreatment. This may not be the most effective means of control for social pests, as residual insecticides allow the poison to be transported and will eradicate a larger quantity as a result.

During application, keeping in mind that Pyrethrin will also break down if exposed to sunlight. If applied to soil, the top layer breaks down fast while what remains in the soil can last for upto 12 days. This is the motivation behind the creation of a synthetic pesticide inspired by Pyrethrins, called Pyrethroids. Pyrethroids will not break down in sunlight, and are actually proven to be less toxic to mammals in comparison to the natural ingredient.

Products that include natural Pyrethrins come in a variety of forms, such as aerosols, foggers, dusts and liquid concentrates. Recommended treatments will vary depending on the target pest, and one should consult labeled recommendations for application and use. When applied in less than lethal doses, it behaves as a repellant for pests.

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