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Pivot IGR Concentrate Pint

    Pivot IGR Concentrate Pint

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    Pivot IGR Concentrate Pint Pivot IGR Concentrate Pint $41.99
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    The active ingredient in PIVOT is Pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator. Insect growth hormones are naturally occurring in insects and PIVOT prevents the adult flea from developing. These properties will gradually result in the reduction and eventually elimination of the flea population. Flea eggs and flea larvae that come into contact with PIVOT will also not develop into adult fleas. PIVOT works for 7 months by inhibiting the development of the immature stages of the flea and preventing them from reaching the biting adult stage. PIVOT does not work on adult fleas and flea pupae that already exist.

  • Effective long-term control of Fleas, Roaches, Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Crickets, Litter Beetles & Ants
  • Photostable for up to 14 days
  • For use on Furniture, Animal Quarters, Carpets, Kennels, Poultry Houses
  • For indoor/outdoor use

    For use in areas such as:

  • Industrial Plants, Factories, Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, Condominiums, Apartments, Cabins, Day Care Centers, Mobile Homes, Homes, Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Nursing Homes, Office Buildings, Other Public Buildings, Campsites, Gas Stations, Prisons, Rooms, Schools, Parks, Institutions, Jails, Sport Stadiums, Supermarkets, Taverns, Theaters, Morgues, Mortuaries, Crematoriums, Funeral Parlors, Mausoleums, Atriums, Attics, Bathrooms, Basements, Bedrooms, Porches, Closets, Draperies, Dressers, Kitchens, Porches Upholstered Furniture, Cabinets, Crawl Spaces, Carpet, Campers, Garbage Areas, Garbage Cans, Patios, Garages, Gazebos, Storage Areas, Floors, Furniture, Locker Rooms, Utility Room Indoor, Utility Room Outdoor, Washrooms;

  • Animal Quarters (enclosed premise treatment), Cat Living Quarters (enclosed premise treatment), Dog Houses, Dog Living Quarters, Dog Kennel Runs, Kennels, Pet Bedding, Pet Carriers, Pet Grooming Parlors, Pet Sleeping Areas, Pet Stores, Pet Quarters (enclosed premise treatment), Veterinaries, Zoos;

  • Candy Plants, Canneries, Bakeries, Breweries, Cereal Processing Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Food and Non-Food Warehouses, Cafeterias, Indoor Eating Establishments, Grocery Stores, Institutional Dining Areas, Flour Mills, Grain Storage Facilities, Outdoor Eating Establishments, Recreational Areas Outdoors, Restaurants, Dairies, Delicatessens;

  • Transportation Equipment (automobiles, boxcars, buses, boats, trucks, railcars, ship cargo holds)

  • Lawns

    Note: If a high population of adult fleas are present, it may be necessary to use an adulticide. PIVOT may also be combined with a flea adulticide.

    Application of PIVOT prior to the flea season will aid in reducing developing populations. Apply to areas where pets and other animals are known to frequent and where previous infestations have been known to occur to prevent the emergence of adult fleas and also control stages of fleas that don't resemble fleas.

    Pivot IGR is a multipurpose pest control product effective for flea control, roach control, tick control, mosquito control and many more.

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