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Phantom II Aerosol Spray 17.5 oz.

    Phantom II Aerosol Spray 17.5 oz.

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    Phantom II Aerosol Spray 17.5 oz. Phantom II Aerosol Spray 17.5 oz. $22.12

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    Phantom Aerosol Spray has changed to Phantom II. Phantom II is still the same product - it still contains the same active ingredient, Chlorfenapyr. It now kills more insects such as foraging Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, Bees (Honey), and Carpenter Bees. Now containing a new formulation, this newly improved aerosol spray has less odor.

    The latest high-performing formulation of Phantom is here

    PT Phantom II delivers Chlorfenapyr, the active ingredient in a crystalline structure for efficient pest uptake, now with a drastically reduced odor.

    PT Phantom II is formulated so that it’s undetectable to pests. It does not repel roaches or bed bugs, so there is no displacement or avoidance of treated areas. Additionally, it doesn’t disrupt cockroach feeding behavior and works well alongside cockroach baiting as an integrated approach.

    Even in tough food facility accounts, including areas exposed to extreme heat, greasy buildups and areas with moisture, PT Phantom II remains effective. The crystalline structure holds up strongly in challenging conditions.

    Chlorfenapyr, the active ingredient found in PT Phantom II, is a pro-insecticide—after entering the pest, it’s metabolized into an active insecticide that is even more toxic to the pest than in its parent form. In essence, it becomes more potent after absorption, reducing the chance that resistance might develop.

    The latest formulation of PT Phantom II works perfectly with baiting programs, providing PMPs a real advantage, even in tough areas where food is handled, served or stored.

    Target Pests: Ants (Argentine, Carpenter, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Pyramid), Cockroaches (American, German, Brown-banded, Oriental and Smokey-brown), Beetles, Bed Bugs, Centipedes, Earwigs, Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders, Wasps.

    Phantom Aerosol - Leaves a Non Visible Residue

    Compared to ordinary sprays that leave a residue, Phantom Aerosol pressurized insecticide delivers the active ingredient more effectively by drying in crystals without leaving a visible residue. It also provides superior performance on porous materials because the product remains on surface for pick up and transfer.


    • Offers long-residual non-repellent control.
    • The only liquid nonrepellent, non-IGR labeled for indoor general pest control including commercial food handling areas.
    • Creates an undetectable treatment zone that pests continue to contact.
    • Will not disperse or "lock in" pests.
    • Pests are exposed to the active ingredient either by ingestion or contact.
    • Remains highly effective in high organic matter substrates and is not subject to rapid breakdown with detergents and cleansing agents.
    • Effective on pyrethroid-resistant strains of bed bugs and cockroaches.
    • Phantom II Aerosol is a pressurized formulation of Phantom does not leave behind the visible residues.
    • This formulation dries in "crystals" for enhanced bioavailability and faster performance on numerous substrates (porous, non-porous and high organic matter).
    • PT Phantom Pressurized Aerosol Spray II delivers the power and effectiveness of Phantom Insecticide in a convenient and easy-to-use aerosol can.
    • Phantom aerosol is a non repellent insecticide that provides broad-spectrum control over numerous indoor pests including bed bugs, ants and cockroaches.
    • As in all non repellent insecticides, Phantom aerosol has a transfer effect allowing insects to pick up the product and spread it to one another through touch and food-sharing.
    • For use in cracks and crevices where ants, bed bugs or other insects hide, including , cockroaches, spiders, beetles, centipedes, flies and scorpions.
    Restrictions: NY, CT

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