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Permethrin Insecticides

Permethrin Pest Control Products

Permethrin Insecticide products belong to the family of Pyrethroid products, which are a synthetic version of the chrysanthemum derivatives used in the natural pest control product, Pyrethrin. Permethrin is a type of Pyrethroid, which unlike their natural relative, is able to withstand sunlight, and as a result has longer lasting, more effective pest control results. This active ingredient is widely used as an insecticide and as an insect repellent. The effective functioning results from the ingredient disrupting the target pestís nervous system.

Permethrin is used in multiple applications, largely to destroy populations of insects with biting, sucking mouth features. Commonly used for mosquito treatments, spider control and tick treatments, as well as in food crops. For livestock and barns, Permethrin is an effective way to control flea and tick populations. In homes, transportation modes and other structures it can also be used to protect against mosquitos, spiders and several other pests. Permethrin is also approved to be used to treat clothing, as research has shown that skin absorbance does not occur, the military treats uniforms with Permethrin to protect troops from insects. Permethrin is also used in some medical applications, as an effective treatment for scabies.

As with any professional grade, home pest control product, adhere to specific label application instructions, to best treat particular pest infestations. Take extra caution in using Permethrin with cats and fish in the vicinity, as it is highly toxic to both. Certain flea control treatments for dogs contain Permethrin, and if given accidentally to a cat, or if a cat comes into contact with a recently treated dog, it can prove to be fatal.

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