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PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater Killing Unit

    PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater Killing Unit

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    PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater Killing Unit PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heater Killing Unit $399.99

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    Eliminates "stowaway" bed bugs from your luggage.

    Treats personal items for bed bugs.

    PackTite™ Portable Heating Unit uses patent pending heating technology to safely eliminate all stages of bed bugs by heating contents up to over 120°F for a sustained period. PackTite™ is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your personal items for bedbugs and features a timer to select heating times of up to six hours.

    PackTite™ is designed to work as a preventive measure for travelers, especially frequent business travelers. Many hotels have low-level bed bug infestations that are very hard to detect by visual inspection. Careful travelers can place their luggage in the PackTite™ heater upon returning from a trip and PackTite™ will kill any bed bugs that have crawled into the luggage. Additionally, Packtite™ is an essential tool for those dealing with an active bed bug infestation in their home. Many items can not be placed in a dryer to kill bed bugs, such as shoes, dry-clean only clothes, sleeping bags, toys, etc... PackTite™ is the perfect pesticide-free way to gently rid your belongings of bed bugs!

  • Easy to Assemble: Just a few simple steps and PackTite™ is ready to start killing bed bugs.
  • Easy-to-Use Timer: Set your desired run-time. Orange light displays when complete.
  • Temperature Sensor: Place deep in the center of contents to ensure proper heating.
  • Dimensions: 36" W x 19" L x 24" H. (Folds to 11" H for storage)
  • Usable Space: 30" W x 18.5" L x 15" H.
  • Washable Exterior: Outer cover is removable and washable for added peace of mind.

    Assembly Instructions

    1. Place the PackTite™ device on a firm level surface that is free from obstructions and at least 3 feet away from any wall and from objects such as furniture, curtains, plants or combustible materials.

    2. Unzip the zipper and remove the cord and timer from wrappings. Extend the cord out of the PackTite™ bag at the back right corner of the flap.

    3. Pull up the support bar on each end of the support rack to an upright position until the metal guides on either side lock into place just on top of the support rack.

    4. When the flap is fully zipped, the cord should extend out of the bag at the right, rear zipper-end corner. Make sure the timing unit is in the OFF position before plugging the unit into an electrical outlet.

    Operating Instructions

    1. After assembling PackTite™, unzip the top flap and place luggage (or personal items) onto the support rack.

    2. IMPORTANT - Do NOT place any items on the terminal 2 inches on either side of the rack. This is a ventilation area and must be kept clear. Blocking this vent area will cause a safety shutdown and the unit will need to be shipped to PackTite™ for repair AT THE BUYER'S EXPENSE.

    3. Make sure no part of the luggage or any other materials dangle below the support rack or come into contact with the heating unit located under the support rack.

    4. Take care not to overfill the unit. Luggage or other items should not touch the outer sides of the PackTite™ the top flap, power cord or the zipper.

    5. Unzip or open your luggage to enable heat to disperse evenly into the interior of your luggage and its contents. Also unzip any exterior compartments on the luggage.

    6. Place the top support bar lengthwise across the top of PackTite™ by laying the ends over each support bar.

    7. Zip up the flap and turn the electronic timer to the 4-hour setting (a green light will appear). OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT - If, within one minute after the green light has come on, the motor fan does not begin running, shut the unit off, unplug the cord and contact PackTite™ at (This is an indication that the unit may have been damaged during shipping).

    8. When the green light goes off, unplug the cord from the outlet, unzip the flap and wait 5 minutes before removing items.

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