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Mouse and Rat Control Solutions

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Non-Chemical Control

Trapping is recommended where poisons are inadvisable (Commercial kitchens, homes, schools, etc.)

Shop Mouse Control on ePest SolutionsGlue traps are effective when placed in a rodent's runway between their harborage areas and their feeding are, but they will not work in a wet or dusty environment.

Trapper Glue Boards Catchmaster 72 MB Glueboards

Snap traps work well on both rats and mice. When trapping for rats it is best to place the traps inset, but baited, for several days to acclimate the rats to the traps. Mice will readily investigate snap traps, and little balls of cotton tied to the triggers work well as a bait

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap


Automatic traps are very effective for capturing mice, but they will not work on rats. Place them in the same manner as you would baits.

  • Ketchall Mouse Trap (Repeating mouse trap, can't beat this for mice, wind the knob, setting the internal spring mechanism.  Catch them and all there friends while you sleep.)

Ketchall Mouse Trap

  • Proketch Mouse trap, multiple catch, low profile and glueboards can be set inside to get the mice to stick and creates easy disposal.  Can be used without glueboards for a more humane release program. 

Proketch Mouse Trap


Place baits in safe secluded area where the rodents are frequenting. Proper placements of bait are more important than the type of bait used.

Contrac Blox Final Blox Contrac Place Packs JT Eaton Roden Bait Blox

Put out more bait than you think is necessary. Under baiting is one of the most common mistakes in rodent control.

Use bait forms that are best suited for the particular conditions, such as wax blocks (Contrac Blox) for damp areas, cereal (meal) baits (Contrac Place Pacs) where bait security is a must, and tracking powders (ZP) where competitive foods are abundant.

Contrac Blox Final Blox Contrac Place Packs JT Eaton Roden Bait Blox

Be sure to follow label directions and use bait stations and the newer tamper-resistant stations when possible, to prevent any accidental poisoning of non targeted animals.

EZ Kleen Rat Bait Station Protecta Keyless Bait Station Protecta RTU Mice Bait Station

Store baits in areas where chemical contamination will not occur. Rodents can detect the contamination and will not consume the contaminated baits.


It is much easier to control rodents outside a structure rather than within, so the most successful and permanent form of rodent control is to “build them out.” Cracks and openings in building foundations must be sealed. Doors, windows, and screens should be tight-fitting.Use materials that are rodent “gnaw proof” such as copper mesh (Stuff-it) sheet metal, expanded metal, perforated metal, iron grills, hardware cloth, and cement mortar. Materials having an opening 1/4 inch or less will exclude both rats and mice.

Copper Stuff-it


Reduce harborage by eliminating weed's, refuse piles, overgrown vegetation, and rubbish piles.

Place garbage and trash in garbage cans and industrial dumpsters with tight fitting covers.

Proper sanitation will benefit any rodent control program.

There is no substitute for sanitation, and the program must be continuous or the benefits derived will be quickly lost to reinvading rodents.

Eliminate as much of the rodent's water source as possible, as rats need water daily and mice will drink freestanding water if available.

We have put together some terrific rodent control kits that we believe will get the job done and done right.  Take a look and order today and get a jump start on your rodent problem.

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