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Pyganic Dust-10 oz. Pyrethrin

    Pyganic Dust-10 oz. Pyrethrin

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    Pyganic Dust-10 oz.
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    Active ingredient in Pyganic Dust is Pyrethrin ..... 1%

    Pyganic dust is a low odor, fine white dust which works as a desiccant on insects, just like Drione Dust. Pyganic dust cuts into the exoskleton of the insect, causing a lethal loss of moisture.

    This unique formulation will last over a year in treated voids. Pyganic Dust is mostly Silica Gel so like Drione, it works by dehydrating insects. Use with hand dusters and avoid the power dusters.

    Pyganic Dust with 1% Pyrethrin is a botanical insecticide dust that treats a broad range of insects. Pyganic Dust handles the toughest indoor and outdoor pests, including bed bugs, fleas, ticks, ants, German cockroaches and more than 230 crawling and flying insects. The pyrethrin gives the dust a fast kill and makes the product natural and safe for use around people and pets. Pyganic Dust is a great alternative to Drione Dust. Can be used in food handling and feed areas.

    Use sites include homes, hotels, hospitals, apartments, office buildings, restaurants, food and feed areas even in livestock buildings and premises.

    Research shows Pyganic Dust delivers fast kill of pests compared to leading dust products

    So, if you have problems with bed bug treatment, mosquito control or control of any other pesky invaders, you can save money and time and, before you call in a professional exterminator to do it for you, attempt to use our top quality products specially made for Do-it-Yourself pest control. Select the pest control products, insecticides, or pesticides that are just right for your needs.

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    Q: What is the best tool to apply the Pyganic Dust with to your crack and crevices?

    A: The best tool to apply the Pyganic Dust is the Bellows Hand Duster or a Centro Bulb Duster, both will make easy, accurate application of the dust to your cracks and crevices.

    Q: Does Pyganic Dust work on bed bugs? I have them in my apartment?

    A: Yes the Pyganic Pro Dust will work on bed bugs, exceptionally well. Would recommend using an additional residual insecticide such as Temprid SC to apply as well for best results.

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    Tips for using PyGanic Dust effectively

    1. Apply the product only as specified on the label

    2. Do NOT apply the product where it will directly contact people and pets (for example, do not apply the dust on your pet). Keep dust treatments to cracks and crevices where insects live and hide.

    3. For Bed Bugs: use PyGanic in conjunction with other bed bug control products including Bedlam Aerosol, Cyonara 9.7 or Onslaught, and other bed bug insecticides.

    4. Clean-Up: Vacuum up remaining dust and dead insects after treatment.

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