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MGK Bed Bug Control Kit 3

    MGK Bed Bug Control Kit 3

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    MGK Bed Bug Control Kit 3 MGK Bed Bug Control Kit 3 $144.99

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    MGK Bed Bug Control Kit 3:

    Onslaught 16 ounce (1)

    Bedlam (6 cans)

    Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator 1 ounce bottles (3)

    Epestsolutions sprayer (1)

    Bed Bug Control Kits

    This bed bug kit is designed for the customer who knows the quality of the MGK product line and need to target their efforts on controlling bed bugs. Everything thing you will need to control and eliminate bed bugs in a 4 to 5 room house or apartment.

    Onslaught Time Release Insecticide

    Onslaught Microencapsulated Insecticide consistently delivers knockdown and kill of the toughest insects, with cost effective residual control.

    Controlled release technology provides longer-lasting residual control.

    • Effective on a broad spectrum of insects and related pests.
    • Flexible and may be used indoors and outdoors, in homes, and in food and non-food areas of commercial structures.
    • Easy to use formulation , no odor or caution label

    Target Pests: Ants, Roaches, Bedbugs, Crickets, Mosquitos, Fleas, Flies, Earwigs, Spiders, Silverfish, Scorpions, Waterbugs, Wasps, Bees, Boxelderbugs and much,much more


    The active ingredient in Onslaught is esfenvalerate, sometimes listed as S-fenvalerate. This active ingredient has been used in other products, with different trade names. Onslaught is a superior formulation which has a longer residual activity against target insects and pests and has little to no odor when sprayed indoors or outdoors. Onslaught is one of the preferred choices for those who have been using Suspend.

    • Onslaught is used for the control of pests, indoors and outdoors, in food and non-food areas such as, but not limited to: homes, schools, warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, theatres, hotels, industrial buildings, motels, kennels, livestock housing, food processing plants, food service establishments, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores, transportation equipment, truck trailers, railroad cars, and food manufacturing and warehousing establishments. Also for use on backyards, lawns, trees, ornamental landscaping, recreational areas, parks and athletic fields.

    Gentrol IGR

    Gentrol IGR is the easiest way to mix and use Gentrol IGR. Gentrol IGR comes in pre-measured 1 oz. bottles for easy mixing. Simply mix 1 bottle with 1 gallon of water in a sprayer, and apply according to label directions to help control the reproductive cycle of nuisance pests such as cockroaches, and bed bugs.

  • Emulsifiable concentrate with Insect Growth Regulator
  • Bedlam Bed Bug Insecticide

    Specially designed to control bed bugs, lice and dust mites. Bedlam is an aerosol product that may be used to treat fabric, garments, and bedding materials, as well as for crack and crevice treatments on and around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls.

    • Bedlam kills on contact and provides residual control.
    • Bedlam is water-based and non-irritating - may be used on bedding and fabric.
    • Bedlam will not stain water-safe fabrics and surfaces.
    • Bedlam may be used in the home, and non-food areas of hotels, apartments, dorms, healthcare facilities, schools, kennels, and other commercial sites
    • indoor use in the home and non-food areas of restaurants, schools, nursing homes, warehouses, offices, apartments, hotels, motels, kennels, and hospitals.
    • Bedlam Insecticide is not for use on humans or animals.
    • Kills Bed Bugs on wood, ceramic surfaces and carpet for up to 2 weeks.
    • Reduces Bed Bug egg hatch in both susceptible and some resistant strains of Bed Bug eggs.


    3-phenoxybenzyl-(1RS, 3RS, 1RS, 3SR)-2, 2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate ................0.40%

    *N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide ................................1.60%

    OTHER INGREDIENTS ........................................................98.00%



    APPLICATION: Spray in an inconspicuous area to test for possible staining or discoloration. Evaluate test area after drying. Hold container upright with nozzle aimed away from you. Depress valve and spray from a distance of 8 to 10 inches. Spray each square foot for 5 seconds or until damp. Most effective results are achieved when used as part of a treatment protocol that includes physical, environmental and other chemical pest control measures. Vacate room after treatment and ventilate before reoccupying. Do not allow children or pets to contact treated areas until surfaces are dry. Allow sprayed articles and surfaces to dry thoroughly before using or replacing bedding.


    Apply as a spot treatment to cracks and crevices on and around baseboards, floorboards, bed frames, wall hangings, headboards, furniture, door and window frames, millwork and walls. Apply as a surface spray to carpet, mattresses, box springs, walls, furniture, bedding, floor and floor coverings, rugs, garments, luggage, closets, drapes and other window appointments. Thoroughly clean and air-out mattresses and box springs. Then treat areas that may harbor Bed Bugs and their eggs, such as tufts, folds and seams. When treating for Bed Bug eggs, spray each square foot for 13 seconds or until damp.

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