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Methoprene IGR

Methoprene Insect Growth Regulators for Insect Control

Methoprene can be used as part of a full pest control plan at home, as the active ingredient in many Insect Growth Regulators (IGR). A growth regulator will not cause harm to adult, developed insects. These products instead focus on the stages of development, particularly from the transformation of a pupa into an adult insect. The active ingredient mimics a natural component to this transformation process, and ultimately cannot be used to complete the final stages of growth. As part of a full control program, these products assist in breaking the cycle of population growth, and ultimately re-infestation. Brand manufacturers refer to this process as ‘breaking’ the normal life cycle of the insect.

Methoprene insect growth regulators can be used to treat multiples types of pests and pest infestations, including fleas and ticks, mosquitos, flies and more. In addition to preventing full development and causing early death, growth regulators also widely prevents pests from growing to the stage that they can bite, or feed on a host- whether that be an animal or a human. Another benefit of using an IGR is that the pests are unable to reproduce until reaching maturity, and since this cannot occur, populations begin to naturally decrease as a result, since no new insects are being born into the infestation.

Methoprene IGR is relatively safe to use, as it is very unlikely to be toxic to mammals, including humans. Methoprene is the active ingredient in Petcor Pet Sprays, Precor treatment products and Extinguish, which is used in controlling Fire Ant colonies and infestations.

Alone, a growth regulator is not likely to be an effective means of eliminating an entire infestation, even if population sizes are relatively small. Refer to our easy to use, Shop by Pest resources for additional products, tools and information that can be combined with an IGR for effective, easy and affordable DIY Pest Control!

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