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Pest Control with Lambda-Cyhalothrin

Lambda-cyhalothrin is an insecticide registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1988. Belonging to a group of insect control products called Pyrethroids, this active ingredient mirrors that of Pyrethrin, which is a naturally based insecticide created from the chrysanthemum plant. Pyrethroids were developed as an alternative, synthetic version to control certain variables. A pyrethroid is able to withstand sunlight, and as a result lasts longer for more effective control. Available in several forms to best fit the intended application, Lambda- Cyhalothrin can be order in concentrates, aerosols, granules and more.

All types of Pyrethroids, including lambda-cyhalothrin, function by causing a disruption the in normal operations of an insects’ nervous system. This product can prove effective whether ingested or as a contact insecticide, and performance is enhanced by insect activity as well as temperature changes. Temperature change can be seen often in insects as they travel, especially between times when they are foraging and when they then subsequently return to their colony, or hiding place.

Lambda-Cyhalothrin is the active ingredient in brand name, trusted products such as Cyonara, Cyzmic CS and Demand CS. These products can be used to treat a range of insect infestations, including roaches, spiders, ticks and bedbugs. Applications can be performed as crack and crevice treatment as well as spot treatments. Commonly treated areas include homes and businesses, transportation systems, commercial living facilities like dorms and nursing homes, and even food processing areas. Follow each individual product label specifications, to ensure proper application and use, as well as ensuring maximum results!

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