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InVade Bio Zap Odor Eliminator

    InVade Bio Zap Odor Eliminator

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    InVade Bio Zap eliminates organic odors at the source, from hard surfaces, carpets, fabrics etc.

    InVade Bio Zap

    • Ready-to use Liquid for Quickly Eliminating Organic Odors, Excrement, Organic Waste and Fly Breeding Sites
    • InVade™ Bio Zap is an extremely versatile, ready-to-use microbial liquid. It can be sprayed on carpets, walls, and fabrics to eliminate odor from pets, smoke, excrement, and other organic matter.
    • InVade Bio Zap can also be sprayed into garbage receptacles, urinals and other bathroom areas to digest scum and eliminate odor. For fly management applications, spray in cracks and crevices and on surfaces where scum build-up allows flies to breed.
    • Organic odor resulting from mold, mildew, or animals can be eliminated by spraying InVade Bio Zap on gravel or soil surfaces, crawl spaces, concrete in basements, and garages, or insulation in attics.
    • Citrus oil provides a fresh scent, not a harsh chemical odor when sprayed or fogged.
    • InVade is natural, biodegradable and nonpathogenic

    Invade Bio Zap is ready to use, straight from the bottle or can be diluted with up to 2 parts water for use in an ongoing maintenance program. Use this to spray walls, floors, carpets where odors originate. The closer to the source of the odor product is sprayed, the better it works.


    Spray for skunk, animal excrement, smoke, vomit, urine and other smells until thoroughly wet. Allow liquid to dry thoroughly. After spray has been allowed to dry, check for any remaining odors. Repeat the spray as necessary. As long as sprayed areas are still damp or wet from the spray, the microbes are still working. Once dry, microbes are not working and a re-treatment will be necessary of odors persist. The older the source of the odor, the longer it will take to eliminate the odor. If the original source of the odor is not removed, odor will persist until organic material decays.

    ePest Solutions offers a wide variety of odor eliminator products to including Rat Sorb odor eliminator, Bac-A-Zap odor eliminator, Nature's Air Sponge odor eliminator and many more.

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