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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if what you see is a termite or ant swarmer?

  • Ants have the front wings larger than the hind wings. Wings on termites are considerably longer than the body and both wings are the same size.

Controlling camel crickets:

  • Most species live in other cool, damp situations such as in wells, rotten logs, stumps and hollow trees, and under damp leaves, stones, boards, and logs. Occasionally, they prove to be a nuisance in the basements of homes in suburban areas.

  • Any type of residual insecticide will take care of the problem, Cyonara, Bifen, Suspend, Cynoff would all be great choices for control.

  • Spray a barrier treatment all around the exterior of the house, weep holes, entry points, dryer vents, doors frames, spray about 3 feet from the house in a band pattern.

  • Inside you can spray baseboards and look to treat all cracks and crevices in the area you are having problem.  This will definitely take care of the problem with camel crickets and all other insects in the area.

    Products to control Crickets
    Bifen Termite Insecticede Bottles 
    Suspend Contact Insecticide

    Cynoff WP Insecticide

Several of my wool sweaters have holes as a result of clothes moths. I want to treat the rest of the sweaters to destroy the moths as well as clean up the drawer the sweaters were stored. I also need to know how to eliminate the clothes moths in my home. I found one of my rental rooms in the basement has not vacuumed for 2 years, it has since been cleaned, What more can I do?

There is a new product on the market called Prozap Vapona Strips. These are "fumigant" impregnated strips that you hang in a closet and it prevents clothes moths, roaches and silverfish, all of which can attack fabric. It's not a spray, but gives off a gas that will penetrate all cracks and crevices in the room. They work really well. I would hang one in your closet, depending on the size, and seal it up for a couple of days. Then after that you can come and go as you please, but leave the strip in place for 4 months. As far as the basement, I would hang the appropriate number of strips in that area. One strip will fumigate 1200 cubic feet (length x width x height) of the room. These are great curative and preventitive products. We just added them to the Web Site and can be found by clicking here.

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