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Don’t Ever Buy a House Without It: Termite Inspection

If you’re buying a new house, there are lots of check boxes you’ll have to make sure you tick off, from finance-related items to those related to the condition of the home. One of the pieces of information you’ll want to make sure to have (and many lenders require it) is a termite inspection report. Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year.[1] So you want to be sure that your home is free of, and protected against, termites.

4 Types of Termite Control

There aren’t many people in this world who would say they “like” bugs. But for homeowners, there aren’t many pests more frightening than termites. Not only are they creepy-crawly, like all pests are, but they also threaten to destroy what for most people is their biggest asset: their home. It’s true that termite control – whether you already have termites or are thinking about a preventative solution – is an important part of home maintenance. Fortunately, with ePest Solutions you can get the right products to send termites packing, and keep them away.

Termite Bait Will Kill a Colony

Rather than drenching the soil with chemicals, termite bait is a different concept. Chemical drenching seeks to separate the termites from the food source, namely your house. On the other hand, termites are offered different food sources called baits. Termites who feed on the bait are not killed right away so they have time to call their other termite friends to take part in the new found buffet.

If Termites Live in Your Home, Remember Do It Yourself Termite Control

And the fight goes on between homeowners and their fiercest adversary, the termite. Just mentioning the word ‘termite’ strikes fear in the heart of many a strong homeowner. The cost of treating these home wreckers can run in the thousands. If you have found termites in your home and are afraid of what a professional termite service will cost you, hope is here. You do not have to fear any cost of treating termites simply because you can treat them yourself.

Do It Yourself Termite Control to Protect and Maintain Your Home

Do it yourself termite control is important to the homeowner since professional termite treatments can cost you thousands of dollars.

Termidor Termite Treatment for the Most Effective Subterranean Termite Control

Do you want the most effective subterranean termite control out there? Arguably it would be a Termidor termite treatment. As with any pesticide, read and understand the label. This article will give you a brief rundown of what to expect when you do your own termite treatment. Double check this information against the label before […]

Drywood Termite Biology

See also: Subterranean Termite Control Solutions Drywood Termite Control Solutions Drywood Termite Biology Drywood termites live in wood which has a relatively low moisture content. These differ from the subterranean termites, in that they do not have to have contact with the ground or other moisture sources. They are typically found in humid regions. These […]

Treating Termites with Boracare

Drywood termites live in wood, which has a relatively low moisture content. They require no contact with the ground or other moisture source. Drywood termites are usually found in the humid coastal and subtropical regions of the United States , but there are several species found in the desert southwest, and they do appear to be spreading. […]

Advance Termite Bait System Installation and Servicing Guide

Installing The Advance Termite Bait System Typically, Advance Termite Bait Stations (TBS) are installed around a structure at intervals of 10 to 20 feet. For best practices, consider installing stations 10 feet apart. Stations are typically first laid on top of the ground in the general location of where they are to be installed. Additional […]

What is a Termite?

When you locate termites in a piece of wood most people would describe them as maggot looking little white maybe even clear insects with legs.  Like all insects they do have 6 legs, and their body is divided into 3 clear segments, maybe not as easily defined as some other insects.  Termites do have a […]

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